Spreepark revisited (Dodging security)

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Get down! We flung ourselves to the ground, flat, fast, fearful, face in the dirt, hearts pounding, nerves jangling, pulses racing. The car zoomed up the road. I dared not look, barely peering through the foliage. Jessie grabbed my arm. Shit. They're stopping! A door slammed. Voices. Laughter. A man's voice. Brash, loud. Fuck. Run Jessie, run! We bolted, running behind the giant monkey head where we flattened against the side. Did they see us? They must have seen us. How could they not? We waited, waited to be caught.
We were in Spreepark, the old abandoned fairground beside the Spree, home only now to forgotten dinosaurs, neglected Ferris wheels and unwanted amusement rides. We'd already ignored the "betreten verboten" signs, hopped over the chain-link fence, past the looming trees, shadows ominous and inhospitable, and made our way along the broken road to where we found ourselves now, hiding behind a giant monkey head afraid to even breathe.
I'd already warned Jessie there may be guards on the site, if not the guy who oversaw its demise, but we didn't expect them to be patrolling in vehicles. What the fuck? What would they do when they found us? Ring the police? Lock us up, beat us? Through a gap at the bottom we peered out, watched as a man approached talking with another waiting by the car. There were four of them altogether, two girls too. I could just see his legs, coming closer and closer. He was just in front of us, the other side of our hideout, still talking with the others behind. Jessie gripped my arm like an eagle clasping its first kill after a long fast. Shssshhh! Stay still! Don't breathe! Suddenly she dropped to her knees and began furiously typing on her phone. What the hell was she doing? Calling for help? Writing her final will? I peered out again underneath, used my camera to get a better view, but I couldn't see anything. The man was still there though. We could hear him, calling back at the others. No idea what he was saying.
We waited for fucking ages, an interminable suspense, before he eventually went back to the car. Doors slammed again and the car drove off. Silence. Phew! We could breathe again. We peered out cautiously. Maybe it was just a ruse. Maybe he was still waiting, waiting for us to come out before swooping. We ran behind a tree and waited again. Okay, nothing. It's all clear!
"What do you want to do?" I asked Jessie. "Do you want to leave or do you want to go on?" I didn't want to be responsible for her having a heart attack.
"This is fucking brilliant!" she replied. Grand, we'll go on so.
We tip-toed back out onto the road. Light was failing and twilight ensured shadows loomed everywhere. Okay, let's go! We checked out the roller coaster, rusty, rolling and coasting no more, then some cars in the shape of bespectacled moustached heads with bowler hats stopped as if in protest in the forest. The tracks still snaked their way around the trees but the cars had long before given up.
We went on towards the Ferris wheel and found the dinosaurs scattered all around, some on their side as if toppled by a giant bowling ball, a couple of them beheaded. The poor tyrannosaurus rex lying on his side, his severed foot the only part of him still standing. The brontosaurus still upright, no bowling ball big enough to know him over, and the unfortunate mammoth was long overdue a visit to the dentist.
It was almost dark so we had to hurry. We went on to some buildings at the back where I noticed another car was parked. We have to be careful! We ducked into a shed but it was too dark to see what was around. Of course we hadn't a torch. With the infra-red from the autofocus on my camera we could make out various shapes, objects. Boxes were piled up haphazardly. Then a load of medicine behind a door, plasters and medical supplies, two black bags underneath. Weird shit going on here, I said.
We went further in, poking around at the boxes. Jessie walked on a bit ahead but it was too dark to see her properly. The infra-red bathed the room in red light again. Okay, there she is. I looked back at the doorway and saw the silhouette of a man. I froze. Fuck! Did he see us?! He shone a torch into the room. Run Jessie, ruuunnn!!!! I shouted in a whisper. We ran. Through a gap at the back of the shed we bolted. Through the trees behind. We just ran through branches. I'd no idea where we were going, couldn't see what was in front, but just ran and ran, through bushes, breaking twigs, tripping over branches, but still we just ran and ran. I'd no idea if he was behind us. I envisioned a hand grabbing me from behind. We just ran.
We got to the fence. It was leaning in towards us so was quite tricky to get over. I gave Jessie a boost first, threw her the camera when she was over, and flung myself over too, head first, legs in the air, before landing on the other side. Okay, let's go! We walked quite briskly away, casting furtive glances back through the trees to see if we were being followed. That was close!
Before long we came to another abandoned building, Zum Eierhäuschen, an old restaurant and guesthouse first opened in 1837 but no longer in business after it was closed in 1990. It's now surrounded by a link fence.
"I've always wanted to get in there," I told Jessie. We circled the perimeter.
"Sure we may as well go in, now that we're here," she said. "Just for a quick look."
I propped up the fence with a couple of branches and in we went. A door was ajar to the cellar and I thought we might be able to get into the main building from that but there was no way up.
Jessie was reporting on the situation to her pals on the phone. "Yeah we were just in an abandoned fairground park and we nearly got caught. We had to leg it through the trees to get out and now we're in the cellar of an old abandoned house in the forest."
Suddenly through the trees I saw a man with a flashlamp approaching. "Hang up! Hang up!" I told Jessie. We flattened ourselves against the wall. The man stopped. He noticed the propped up fence. He took away the branches, righted the fence and waited, wondering what to do next. Had he seen us? Bhí mo chroí i mo bhéal. He shone the torch in at the doorway, the beam flickered across the wall. He circled again, shining the torch in through the windows. I almost became the wall I was pressing so hard into it. The yellow light danced across the bricks but crucially not across us. He gave up. The torch disappeared and he walked off.
That's enough, let's get the hell outta here. We lifted up the fence and managed to squeeze our way out. We'd to walk past Spreepark on our way back to the S-Bahn, the trees mocking us from behind the fence, each one of them holding a possible security guard just waiting to grab us as we passed. It was a brisk walk. Only when safely on the actual S-Bahn did we dare breathe normally again.

I wrote about Spreepark before and how one can reach it and get in. Further information you'll find here: http://www.abandonedberlin.com/2010/04/spreepark-and-how-to-get-in.html
Just watch out for the guards!
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Hi, cool blog, thanks. I was on a guided tour in Spreepark a while ago and it turns out the family that owns the park lives on the ground and attempts to get it running again. The park is actually not "abandoned", though it might look like that, and the "security" throwing people out is the family trying to be left alone. After that I don't think it's responsible to try to trespass there, and there are guided tours ever so often. Cheers :)

Hi Jonas, thanks for the note!

There are no guided tours anymore I'm afraid, and there's definitely something fishy going on there. The "family" as such neither exists nor owns the park. The guy split from his wife and was rumoured to be living in a caravan on the site, but the daughter lives with the mother and his son is rotting in a Peruvian jail. You can read more about him here: http://www.irishberliner.com/2009/06/norbies-back.html

Meanwhile, for the last couple of weeks, there have been workers moving the "attractions" and doing other stuff. Not sure what exactly. Looks like some more trespassing is called for to find out!

surly the best Urbex report I ever read, brilliant adventure. It hold me in spellbound all the way. Thank you. I was thinking of going their this summer, but after Hana(in which I discovered the park) the security may get even worth.

Hey I've been reading your complete blog and it is great!!! if you need someone to go with, you can callme!! to wherever you would like to explore!! here is my mail elfo.plex@gamil.com
I'm plex a mexican that now lives in berlin!!! see ya!

someone is defenitly living in the camper, I was there 2 days ago. never seem him out of the trailler....busy watching tv. I spent 2.5hrs in the park, ran into 8 other explorers, as far as the ferry wheel moving. Its wind powered. I made it 1/3 of the way around before it stopped for what seemed an eternity then took me back down. as far as the dogs... seems to be a trainning center. I dunno if they use them at all for patrolling the park.

Really useful article, thanks! I went on Saturday, and there was no one around! I linked to your article here: http://emmabirkettphotography.com/blog/?p=245

Hey, nice blog. Me and my friend went to Spreepark today. There was no security and we could walk around freely. It was a bit cold but we'll be back in the spring!

Went to Spree park on 29 March, there seems to be a house at the front with a women and some loud dogs, I went around to the river side and found a gate to climb under, loads of easy access points. It seems that many of the rides cars and fixtures are being dismantled, but it was really good, didn't see anyone around!!

on Jonas' comment, I've found that this guy Christopher is doing tours of the park on the weekends 2012: http://www.berliner-spreepark.de/events_fuehrung.php

Of course nothing compared to adrenaline dodging the guard dog fun ha ha.

I came here a couple weeks ago but was caught by the security after only half an hour!
I was wandering in and out of the little houses across from the Ferris Wheel and suddenly the Sicherheitswagen drove up on me and my friend. It was too bad to cut the visit short but they didn't seem to care. They told us they sometimes catch up to 20 people per day (I don't know if this is an exaggeration) and that they had to ask us to leave because it's still private property. Not a big deal, I'll go back again.

Tried to go to Spreepark today and it was a total fail. Don't ever go on the weekend. They opened a little beergarten like area right by the main gate. The park is way to crowded to be able to get in without being seen. Also the security is very intense. They roam around on bikes and will seek up on you. We hopped the fence and then security found us within 5 min. Long and short if your in the open (which you have to be at some point) you will get caught. So basically you will get caught but its no big deal because they just escort you off the property. I would recommend going at night.

Went there today. Very cool. So easy to et in - loads of holes in the fence if you walk around. At first we were scared off by some dogs barking. But we found out it's just a training center right next to the park..

I went to Spreepark on thursday night after 11pm with a group of friends. We saw a van leaving one of the gates, after a while we tried to climb over the fence, but someone on a scooter drove towards us and stopped at a couple hundred meters distance. I walked towards it and it drove away.

A few minutes later we tried again and got in. We used our flashlights as little as possible and only took long-exposure shots, which were awesome. When we got close to the park entrance, we could see a caravan where the lights were on, and a dog started barking, so we decided to get out of there. On the way back we found an exit which was much, much easier to use. It's no more than 500 meters to the right of the park entrance, and you can just climb over a boulder which is no more than 1,5 meters high.

I really recommend going here at nighttime, we had a great night!

Hi we went here at 2pm on wednesday and it's easy to enter (on the right of the entrance there is little wall with red bricks where it's easy to get in).
We advice you not to use the main allees because of the security gards.
We spent an hour before we saw the gards, they almost saw us (they were driving around with their car) so you should be very watchful.
The "hardest" part is to get out of the park, you can go out easily on the riverside.

Enjoy the visit.


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