Zombie hospital: Running out of patients

Filed 19/8/2013 | Updated 19/2/2015
There’s a zombie hospital in Weißensee. It used to be for kids but they were all eaten, their brains gorged upon by the zombies that took their place.
Now they call it home, making it a zombie hospital. Zombie ambulances ferry sick and injured zombies to their care, and after they patch them up and resuscitate their ailing comrades, they eat their brains too. Braaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnns. Or rather, Gehiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrne… They’re German zombies after all.
Like the zombies, the hospital itself is fucked. Vandals set the place alight 17 times in 2013 alone, giving it the dubious distinction of being one the most arson-attacked in Berlin. It’s a regular pastime for the gobshites who evidently have no sense of history for the “protected” buildings they’re helping to destroy.
Yep, like others I’ve mentioned before, the Säuglings-Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee is under “Denkmalschutz” as a listed building, but that didn’t prevent the investors who purchased it in 2005 from letting it fall to the ground as they went back on promises made to procure it from the city.
Apparently a front for Russian investors, MWZ Bio-Resonanz GmbH said it was going to build a cancer-treatment center here, but the powers that be could only watch helplessly as the company did precisely nothing after buying it.
For years the state-owned Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin was looking at ways to rescind the sale, and it finally had some success last Wednesday (January 14), when Landgericht Berlin, a regional court, awarded the property back to the city. The court found the investors failed to meet several conditions specified in the original sales contract. It also fined the investors €125,343 and ruled that they must pay the registered land charges of more than €5 million.
The decision isn’t final as the investors can appeal, but local politicians were already celebrating and courting developers to build luxury apartments.
“It’s a good signal for Pankow,” said urban development councilor Jens-Holger Kirchner, probably rubbing his hands with glee. Kirchner said apartments would be built, though not low-rent social housing because of the “high investments” made. Strange logic considering the city only got the hospital back due to a lack of investment.
Pankow district mayor Matthias Köhne said plans were already being drawn up for the apartments. They can move quickly when they want to, Berlin’s politicians.
The Kinderkrankenhaus’ story begins in March 1908, when it was decided to build Prussia’s first municipal children’s hospital to help combat rising infant mortality rates at the time.
Construction got underway in June 1909, overseen by the prominent architect Carl James Bühring. He built a load of stuff in Berlin and then later in Leipzig.
On July 8, 1911, the hospital was inaugurated amid great fanfare on what was then-called Kniprodeallee. It had a little park for therapeutic purposes and – best of all – milk production facilities, with a cowshed, dairy and everything needed for milk storage and transportation.
Not only was the hospital considered one of the best of its kind anywhere, but it hosted the Third International Congress for the Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality from September 9-15 that same year.
Of course, more buildings were added down the years, as can be discerned from their varying and contrasting styles, but the cows’ facilities were done away with in 1920. Well, they catered instead to the city.
Later, in 1965, they became part of a dairy farm in nearby Heinersdorf. I presume they weren’t using the same cows or the milk must have been fairly sour.
The hospital was again expanded with a new wing in October 1987, but the whole thing was cruelly shut down after 85½ years of service to Berlin’s newest arrivals on January 1, 1997.
It’s been lying idle ever since, punished repeatedly by weather and brainless zombies who insist on burning it. Bruised, battered and burnt, it pines for the days it used to welcome brand new little people into the world and care for bigger little people who suffered misfortunes.
But no, its lifeblood is denied and now the property speculator zombies are circling. It’s the hospital that ran out of patients.

Abandoned maternity and children’s hospital, the first municipal one of its kind in Prussia, and surely only one of the very few to have had its own cow facilities and dairy. Now left to suffer the ignominy of vandalism and weather-induced decay before the inevitable property sharks bite.

Hansastraße 178-180, 13088 Berlin (Weißensee).

How to get there
I just cycled there, the best way to get anywhere in this city. If your bike was stolen, however, (the biggest drawback of having a bike in this city), you can get the M4 tram from Alexanderplatz to the Buschallee/Hansastraße stop and walk from there. It’s just a stone’s throw away. Here’s a map so you know what to aim at

Getting in
This place is so desperate for love and attention it’s practically inviting people in. The gate is locked and secured from time to time, oftentimes unlocked and unsecured again. It was locked on my last visit but I found a convenient hole in the fence a little further on. It was a different hole to the one I found on the visit before that. They seem to move with the times.

When to go
Daytime is best because there are a few uncovered manholes lying around in which you could break a leg or even worse if you took a wrong step. You’re likely to meet other explorers. It’s become quite popular. Of course, you could also go along at night if you have a strong torch/neck, but you’re liable to run into the nighttime dwellers who may or may not be happy to see you.

Difficulty rating
1/10. Like I said, this place is begging to be explored. There’s no security and it’s accessible by public transport. It’s almost too easy.

Who to bring
It’s not really that romantic a setting anymore, but if abandoned hospitals are your thing, then by all means, bring your girlfriend/boyfriend. Otherwise just like-minded explorers would suffice.

What to bring
Camera, beer, a decent torch, brains for the zombies.

The aforementioned manholes are worth looking out for. Then there’s the ceilings which are liable to collapse on your head. One of the stairs had collapsed since the previous time I was there, so the buildings are neither safe nor stable. The place is inhabited by a few unfortunate homeless, but I’m sure they’d leave you alone as long as you left them alone. Obviously watch out for any nosy neighbors, Polizei etc. Be suspicious of anyone who invites you to go along with them. They might be after your braaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnns…
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hahahahaha... good one... on a hot day you can relax, after exploring, at Weissensee... assuming we'll have another hot day this year... very nice photos... and yet more shenanigans committed with state property...

I was just there yesterday, about sundown. I would've stayed longer, but my phone malfunctioned and refused to turn on so I was pretty much left without a light source as the day got darker. It was a pity I had to leave since it was a really great abandoned building, but it's a good thing I did. As I was at the tram station, looking back at the buildings, I saw black smoke rising from that direction. Pretty soon, 3 firetrucks were down by the place.

It really bugs me how people get a kick out of destroying these beautiful old buildings. I don't mind graffiti and street artists, but arsonists just sadden me.


Me too. There are other things you can do for kicks besides burning places down, but these people are too stupid to realize it. Such a shame.

Dear Irish Photographer,
Many thanks for all your advice and motivation. After reading about it in your blog, I was this morning on the abandoned hospital. I enjoyed it so much that I finished a 36-pictures film it quite a short time. Next time I will go again loaded with more film!
It's a very peaceful place, very quiet, but there was a "Sportanlage" on the other side, so you could hear children's voices. Thanks for such a enjoyable opportunity.

Thank you very much for your kind comment! Glad you enjoyed your visit! :)

That place is great, especially if it's sunny outside. It almost feels like being on vacation while wandering around inside. You will have to spend hours there in order to glimpse into every room. However, don't expect to be the only one to be there. Since the buildings are right next to the tram stop and all 3 (?) gates are wide open, it's very tempting for pass-byers to go inside as well.

After visiting Ballhaus Grünau, together with all this people on their Sunday trip, I was hoping the Kinderkrankenhaus would be more quiet. Of course not, located just next to the tram stop, all gates and doors open, saying: welcome;) Silly me! Again, it's hard to get the real kick when every time you turn a corner, you find some guy with a huge tripod and ditto camera.... Oh, well! The place was still really interesting, though so close to being a ruin it was hard to read the buildings. I was trying to imagine the children in their hospital beds, but sadly there's (naturally) few signs of hospital left, except for some sinks, shelfs, white tiles and doors. When I found the sign with "Oberschwester", I almost cried with joy. The newest part was really fascinating, with a balcony for each room, and the lift stuck with a gap in the door. I wish I knew more about the different functions in the different buildings. What's the large, almost farm -like building facing the main gate? Where was the surgery rooms? Where was the recovery? Isolate? The garden must have been magnificent, the trees were so beautiful, a perfect place to recover. I really recommend a visit, go before it's too late, I truly hope the buildings can be preserved, nothing is impossible (speaking from experience, I'm working at the cultural heritage office of Oslo), but something must be done ASAP!

Thanks for a wonderfully presented and interesting blog. I visited this site just the other day, and have made a nice little video from my time there. I forgot to take some beers, but was lucky enough to run into a couple of goths who were busy doing some paperwork!

You're welcome Uncle Evey. Don't forget to come back and share your video with us all!

Hi Irish Berliner, after my experience at the Zombie Hospital, I'm hoping to discover more of Berlins abandoned buildings.
My video from the Kinderkrankenhaus somehow turned into a little Horror movie!
here's the link, if you fancy a little look :)

Visited here at the end of October (Halloween was the only day I had free in Berlin so I was pretty scared!) and it didn't disappoint. Looking at urbex with my university project and we managed to get in everywhere as easy as you said! Thankfully as we went early we were the only people on site so managed to get loads of great photographs (310 to be precise!). Just wanted to thank you for your great website as I wouldn't have known about this otherwise.

Alix, Newcastle.

Can anyone tell me if the building is still there? Just saw the fire comment, not sure if the building was destroyed ?

The building is still there! And you can't miss it! Today I was there..really amazing! I am going to send you some photos! Thanks!

The place was averaging more than a fire a month when I wrote about it. The buildings are still there.

You're welcome Alix! Thanks for your comment.

Went their yesterday great place apart for the Vandalism. Bumped into two other groups on the explore. Thanks for the info, great site.

Yeah, the place is pretty fucked unfortunately. The idiots who keep setting fire to it are the worst.

Went there yesterday with a friend.
the place is nice. was more than inviting, everything was open. you won't even ask yourself if you're allowed, it is like a public square almost.
were many people: a young couple making out, high school kids, some explorers, and a film crew also.
a lot of nice art and some stupid graffitis also. using stairs seems quite secure.

In the building in the back there was a lonely zombie attached to some heavy chains. he looked more like a adult than a kid, probably someone in his 20s. he managed to break his chains but we had a stick and a m16 with silencer, so we putted him down rapidly. haven't seen any other zombies there.

nice place, thanks so much for this website. this is our guide for our week here..

Thanks for your comments Franswa! Happy to hear you managed to beat off the zombie! I wonder how many other people who would have left comments weren't so lucky... Good thing you had the stick and M16 handy. ;)

We went there a couple of days ago in the morning. The gates were all locked up with chains, but we just went around the corner away from the street and were able to hop over the green fence on the side, where someone build a little ladder out of a europallet.

We saw no one else there except when we where sitting at the bus stop after we left, we saw two people running around inside. And when we went upstairs one of the burned out buildings, there was a little fox roaming around.

It's a really cool place and there is so much to explore, so thanks alot for the tip!

Cool! Always nice to see some (non-human) wildlife!

Me and my girl went here today. This place is a total mess. Litter and debris everywhere, everything smashed and generally looking like a dump. It's hard to find anything here untouched by graffiti artists (though some pieces are very good looking) and/or vandals, but even in this terrible shape the 4/5 buildings on this terrain are quite worthwile exploring. Easy to spend around an hour here, just wandering around the early 1900s hospital buildings. Would love to have seen this in better days.

Getting on the terrain was easy (part of the wire mesh on the street side was cut open, easy to climb over) and the tram stops directly in front of it. One of these days half of it will probably collapse or burn down... so if you're interested in exploring, better make it quick. Be careful though, this building is beat up and certain ceilings look ready to come down on you.

We walked into a few other people making photos this afternoon, no homeless or junkies to be seen, no rooms seemed like they had been inhabited recently.

My friend and I went last week, the fences are new and the locks as well, but it's still easy enough to climb. We used the fence of the neighbouring rugby-club, though, since the main entrance is just next to a busy street

I just went today and the place is completely fenced but it is easy to climb. It was really interesting but the place is in ruins, don't know for how much longer can it hold. Thanks for the info Spudnik

Some of my photos from yesterday's visit.


Visiting from Toronto Canada Sept. 24 – Oct. 2. 2014 and looking at a few urbex options in / around Berlin to shoot video / timelapse. Anyone interested to join and explore with me at this and other locations ? Please email me @r_hoff2002@hotmail.com. Cheers ! Randy. Btw i speak fluent German as well.

Hey Randy, will you stop posting the same comment over and over? Once is enough. People will see it in the comments page and I'm sure you'll get plenty of people responding to you from there. Best, Spudnik

Hey! Went there today. Wonderful place... as it's very well described in the article, the place is inviting you in. The door was even opened when we got there. It still is kind of an adventure cause the place is literally falling into pieces.
Some pics from today: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicocaramella/sets/72157646822536555/

Went there today, was a grey and rainy day. Not worth it. The place in completely fenced up, we tried to enter from the south side, nasty neighborhood, and finally we jumped the fence from the north side. People seem just having fun trying to see you and shout out loud at you that it's forbidden... The place is really in a bad condition! watch you heads!
In my opinion the are way better places to visit that this one.

I was there yesterday at 21.45 with two friends, and we saw two bald guys in black clothing standing across the street. We watched them for quite a while to see what they were up to, and we were pretty sure they weren't zombies, but guards.
So going in from the front was not an option anymore. It took us quite a while to find another spot to climb the fence, because we took great precaution not to be seen. After about an hour we managed to find a good spot.
The guys across the street were still keeping an eye on the house so we couldn't use our camera or flashlights. We figured that the light from my old nokia phone wouldn't be noticed from that distance, so we used that to see where it was safe to walk.
We stayed inside for about an hour and the guards didn't come into the building. It was a shame that we could hardly see anything of the building (let alone any zombies), but the complete darkness and danger of being caught did add quite some excitement to the already eerily dark building.
Behind the building in the pale moonlight I could see some kind of fox walking around, which would probably be the reason why we thought we heard someone walking around the house. Gave us quite a scare though :)
When we got out of the building at 00.30 we couldn't see any of the guards anymore. I hope the zombies caught them. Stan

Went there today. My favorite part was the Banana Room. You'll know what I mean once you see it. ♡

I've shot the first episode of my video-series "LOST WORLD" in this amazing location! :)


Sorry if I sound pretty prejudicial, but am the only semi-amateur photographer (yes, that's the right term for me :D) stumbling upon the remark about the 36-picture film in the above post? ;)

Again, sorry... :*

Cool video!! I'd share it to my post about this place, if you don't mind! :)

We have been there for quite some hours April 17th, 2015. The only entrance now is from the street side.
Fence on the side of the property is new high and not easy to climb. In my view there is no guarding at all.
A number of people even kids where on the compound. In my believe there is no guard at all.
It makes no sense for a poor city like Berlin to guard this place.
The place is in its final stage. Absolutely damaged and down. If your are a Graffiti shooter, this is the place to be.

Hey! I was there yesterday (05/30/15). I went with 2 friends. The fence was locked and all the holes closed. So we climbed up the fence just in front of the tram station. Cars, bikes and trams saw us but we did not see guards. It was at sunset time. We didn't stay for a long time because night was coming and we were afraid.. 3 girls alone in a zombie hospital. We saw no one. We didn't have time to enter in the abandonned houses but we could see them from outside and feel the horror-frightening atmosphere. But the excitement and stress you feel makes things even intense.
I decided to come back there as soon as I can. With more people and at daytime so we can explore every inch of this place and discover all the secrets.
I've always been fascinated by those sorts of creepy things.
Thanks for your blog, you made me discover a new berlin. I've planed to come to the other places you've written about.

- Elisa.

I've been there June 26th and also climbed over the fence opposite the tram station. Once the traffic is going, no one cares. The first building you enter (when you come that way) seems to be pretty dangerous now. The ground floor is ok, the second floor too, but if you look up to the ceiling, you might notice that you don't wanna walk around the third floor - you can hardly call this a 'floor' anymore. So just watch out and you should be safe.
Other than that I met 2 or 3 other groups wandering around. And I heard people destroying stuff or throwing things - but I didn't see who these idiots were.
Thanks for this place, I could take some awesome pics :)

Last Thursday we went to see the zombie hospital. The fence at the front, street side, is not too high. Nevertheless we decided to climb the higher fence on the left side of the compound. This is the same kind of green fence you can find at spreepark. We didnt have any trouble climbing it.

There were a lot of people in the buildings. It's a nice destination to start with. Be careful though since there are many places where you could either fall through the flooring, or the ceiling might fall on you.

Thanks for all your informative comments Henk!
(And everyone else for leaving informative comments. They're a great help for like-minded intrepid explorers.)

Best place we visited on our two-day trip in berlin. It was our first abandoned building and it was definitely not the last! We climbed the front fence when no one was looking and it was pretty easy. I was surprised that we were totally alone there. No other explores. Thank you for an amazing ADVENTURE! :)

Yes. If you read the post (it's not even a long one!) you'll find out.

We went yesterday. Easy as pie. Main gate was locked.. We sneaked through the gap between front and side fence in the left front corner. The complex was pretty much empty. We met a couple of other friendly explorers.

Me and my husband went in today. All gates seemed locked and/ or fixed. But we read the comment above, which is from just a few days earlier, and found the gap between the front fence and side fence in the left front corner. It is on the right side of a big commercial sign, with the sporting centre left around the corner. We were not really the only ones. Many other explorers and school kids. In the first building we entered someone had painted a map which indicated which building had the rooms with the hearts, banana's, carrots etc Very handy! In that first building there was also a homeless guy wandering. He just said hello when we passed, but it creeped me out. When I was posing for shots, my hubby insisted on it, in a stairwell, I saw him approaching out of the corner of my eye. I was scared as shit, but my husband stayed calm. The homeless guy asked for some small change. So my husband gave him 1 euro and then he left. Although we did run into him again in another building, I guess he was going about all the visitors for begging for change. So bring some small cash and he'll leave.
The buildings were in very bad condition. Bring a torch, because even with daylight some rooms and hallways are very dark. Lots of holes in the ground. And I would avoid the floors that were burned in the many fires. Glass everywhere. Do NOT check out the toilets, they all have shit in it...
We took some nice shots of the graffiti art though. Also ran into an English couple spraypainting some new art. Great exploration for our 'first time'.

Thanks for all the advices! We went today, was not difficult to get in (even in front from drivers). We also met a homeless guy who asked us money. We didn't have it but he didnt bother us. We met nice visitors, this place get more and more famous.
Like previous post: "great exploration for our "first time""

https://instagram.com/p/-PxQAJlYPu/ Managed to get some rather sinister looking analogue photos! Easy to get in and would heartily recommend!

We went today (me and my boyfriend) around 9:30-10:00. Easy to enter. The first hour we were alone and then another couple arrived (they were also doing photography) and then 2 women's (doing photography). So the atmosphere was not scary at all, we talked a bit with the people, laughing because we were all making the same pics or because we were impressed by the pink heart room :)
It's a bit strange because it's REALLY close to the tram station, the road, other buildings… and seems like nobody cares that you're exploring the hospital.
We didn't go in some of the rooms because the roof is falling down and THIS is actually scary.
Thanks for all the details. We spent a great time there.

We went 2 days ago to the hospital. It was very easy to get in. At the front there is a gap between the fence and an electricity box. You can easily get in but many cars are passing by. There is also a big hole in the fence at the other side of the hospital. You need to walk around the fence/buildings untill you can go to the left between some flats. We only saw 2 other guys exploring the place, it was very quit. There was snow so it looked so nice! There are many holes in the ground so watch your step :)

We visited the hospital yesterday. As everyone describes, it's even too easy to get in this place.we were stunned by its core inside and some really amazing graffiti art. Unfortunately along with us were a group of four 12-14 year old kids, running around, screaming and even braking down windows. after a while at least 5 more persons arrived to discover the place, so we left after 1,5hours of exploration. I can confirm that a lot of people explore this place but it is definitely worth a visit for spooky adventurous people.

I was there last Monday. The place is very easy accessible and other people were exploring the place while I was there. Apart from some nice graffiti there is not much to see. It is not a must see I would say. There are much more interesting places mentioned in this blog.

Be careful, today an explorer had an accident at this area, apparently the ceiling collapsed and he fell down:


Someone was here lately? the full colour graffiti rooms are still there?

I was there two days ago and it was perfect! Í absolutely love it to bits and will definetly go again. Only met two groups of nice travelers. I did not find a hole in the fence so we had to climb over but its not tricky at all. Thank you for the infromation about this place it was the best part of my trip.

I was there about a week ago an it had been set on fire again. An one of the the roof had collapsed because of this. there was water dripping from all the ceilings. An there was wa terrible very deep on the floor

Went 3 days ago, thanks to Abandoned Berlin for the article. I came from Italy and spent 1 day of 4 in Berlin for Urbex. Great place, the firs buildings were so creapy, with colours very violent, the last buildings I Saw were the happy ones, with easy colours and positive design. A very interesting Place.

I visited the location on 20.07.2016. Some tourists, a couple of professional photographer... Amazing place. More than other words my pictures:

I visited yesterday morning....gates were locked but along the street there is a hole in the fence... I spent a couple of hours exploring the place and taking many photos...
Great place to explore all alone...in fact the modern extension is more creepy than the older building....although the basement of the original building is quite intense...all alone in the dark....Im glad no one else was down there....
Apart from a couple of people living in one of the outer buildings , I encountered no-one
Only real danger could be colapsing floors or roofs.....and a few spirits.....,,,

Today we went to the Zombie hospital. It´s a pitty that it is so damaged. Coming in is as simple as known. We met nobody but there were some strange noices and we were afraid. You will see there a big area but every room looks like the other ones. In our opinion the house will break down soon. And the nice colored rooms are sprayed off. Take a lot of time maybe you will found new impressive things. But have a look at the old roofs, floors and stairs.

I went there today with three friends to scout a location for our next shortfilm. It was very quiet there, no security, no police. The cealing in the third floor of the main building collapsed and is burned as hell. Be careful! Half a year ago someone fell trough the cealing and was badly injured.

An amazing place. One could really spend a day here, however expect to feel quite disturbed at the end of the day. Its quite easy to breach the fence. One only must walk along the length of the accompanying street till he/she/they finds a hole in the fence. We spent many great hours photographing the location. Specifically, in the newer building nearby the most easy and main entrance, there are a long series of broken red framed windows that extend the length of the rooms in the building. Beautiful. Also, the way nature has begun to overtake the collapsed and burned roof is quite beautiful. Sad, that someone was shameful enough to set this place alight, however beautiful.
The problem, however, is in the end room of one of the buildings. I began feeling quite sick in this room. I felt like the air was heavier and thicker than usual. I thought maybe I was breathing in too much crap from the decay, but a few minutes later I noticed a massive blood stain on the floor. Like a body had been dragged. Maybe its paint from the graffiti, but it corroborated with my nausea and strange feelings. I definitely needed to leave the building after that.
The rest of the experience, however, was incredible. Such beautiful architecture in the Prussian era buildings, and all the railings have been removed from the almost random staircases. So wonderful. Very easy to get into. Its the perfect visit.

I was there today (Jan 2017) and there were other visitors as well. I saw a rap band recording a clip inside on of the rooms. The police arrived there meanwhile I was waiting for the tram

We were today its really nice.. there were a lot of visitors and the place is really run down. The police and firemen arrived while we were there because they heard of a fire, because of that then send everybody away...

Place is really torn inside out. Go before there is nothing left to see ! Watch your step, and avoid groups of teenagers that yells all over the place, as they constantly attract attention and polizei. They must live in the neighborhood and go there to hang out.

This was my son who was urban exploring with his friend. He was knocked unconscious from the fall and consequently suffered a brain injury, compound fractures of his left arm and collar bone, 8 broken ribs, punctured lung, pneumothorax, 2 broken vertebrae, lacerated kidney and other injuries. He was in the ICU for 3 weeks and hospitalized for 4. Today, 1 year almost to the day, he has mostly recovered, although you never fully recover from the above types of injuries. He is living and working in Berlin again. This place is no joke - PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION, as this place has had many fires and is very unstable.

My son who was urban exploring with his friend. He went out a window and on to a portion of the roof so he could get a photograph. He fell through two floors, breaking through one floor with his body. He was knocked unconscious from the fall and consequently suffered a brain injury, compound fractures of his left arm and collar bone, 8 broken ribs, punctured lung, pneumothorax, 2 broken vertebrae, lacerated kidney and other injuries. He was absolutely crazy for the first three weeks and was almost institutionalized because the Doctors couldn't get him to cooperate. He was out of his mind. He was in the ICU for 3 weeks and hospitalized for 4, then had to return to America for 2 months for rehab. Today, 1 year almost to the day, he has "mostly" recovered, although you never fully recover from the above types of injuries. He is living and working in Berlin again and we are thankful for the blessing of his healing. This place is no joke - PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION, as this place has had many fires and is very unstable. Consider our son's story if you venture out...some adventures are NOT WORTH THE MOMENTARY THRILL!!

Thanks a million for your comment. I hope your son makes a full and total recovery. Glad he survived after such a terrible fall.

*I have been recently, crazy easy to access, met others exploring there, a little creepy and crazy chill

This is the second location I have explored in Berlin after being initially put off by people's comments about the naked man at Queen Elisabeth's hospital (being a newly lone explorer I though it wise not to go there). Being involved in circus along with the added curiosity of these crazy places I like to combine the two. Here is what I did at Kinderkrakenhaus, cheers again to your research and all the helpful comments by everyone else!


There where alot of people there making a lot of noise and then some guys wearing radios showed up and said that this was a private location and asked us to leave. They were not wearing any uniforms or such but still went through the whole place and made sure everyone was gone. Still easy to get inside and lots of fun

was there last month, very easy to access. just jump overe the fence, or look for the little gap at the mainstreat. very much people walking in the lostplace and some sprayers, but everyone friendly. just threat them with respect.
here is a little video i made there (my second video ever, so sorry for the quality)


It looks even worse, than when I visited the place in 2012... https://www.flickr.com/photos/lsvanholm/albums/72157629230413061

I went there some days ago, it was a sunny day so I jumped a lowered fence to get in, quite easy.
It's a cool place but there's not much to see. Burned walls and roofs here and there, lots of sh*t around, not so scary or whatever. Btw a good place to spend your boring afternoon.
Watch out for the holes on the ground near the entrance.
I'll share some pics on my Flickr account in the next days or when I have some free time.

Went today. It was ridiculously easy to get in, the fence at the back was partially knocked down. Didn't see anyone until i was about to leave, i then saw a woman opening the main gate with a key?? Soon after that i run into at least 5 other explorers. Was that a coincidence or some kind of a tour group?

I went there yesterday, was my first solo urban exploration trip, saw a few others, mostly kids though. Lots of manholes to watch out for!

Got some great pictures:


I went today and found the outer windows/doors were in the process of being boarded up on one of the buildings. Not sure what the future holds for this place, but I'd go see it soon just in case it gains a stricter verboten status!

As the user above me already told: Be careful guys, I went there yesterday with two friends and suddenly we saw three police officers passing by the basement window in front of us. The came inside with flashlights and guns and checked our IDs. It felt a bit like in an action movie when they shouted "Hands on your heads!" We didn´t get any fine, but it was still not cool. I was there twice last year and there wasn't any problem. If you're inside and see the police, be very calm and try to hide in one of the basements. It seemed like these guys were a bit scared to go down there :)

I was there today (Monday, early afternoon). Super easy to get in through a hole in the fence. No guards, no police, no people. Everything awesome :)

We visited today. Last time was May 2017. They put wooden wall around the places but it was almost shameful how easy we got in. If you walk left along the wall and eventually take a right around the property you immediately see the fence wrecked open. You hop through it and tada you're in. We weren't the only explorers there. But everyone just went their own way without bothering anyone else.

The place is even in more ruins than last years and there are a lot of roofs and floors that have caved in. So really watch your step and i'd advise that if you go to a first or second floor you do it with caution. Unless you want to fall a few meters down and break a leg.

In one of the bigger main buildings we wanted to check out the basement. When we entered the basement and walked around, we found a shrine in a room for a girl who died There were a lot of burned out candle lights on the floor and pictures. First we just thought it was a joke, but we looked it up and found out that this girl was really killed and her friends made that shrine for her. So if you happen to walk into that room please be respectful.

In one of the other buildings in one of the back rooms we found sleeping bags, piles of clothes and needles do i think that there might be squatters somewhere so keep your eyes and ears open and don't bother them.

Hi !
I'm going to Berlin for a few days and i just discovered the number of abandoned places in Berlin... CRAZY !
I'd like to go to the children's hospital but I was wondering if you can still access it easily and if there's guards/police around ? :o

No guards or police, easy to get in just pull yourself through the fence, the place is quite popular still I met 6 other people when I went yesterday

Interesting site, went there today. Easy to access, walk across the wooden fence and then turn right, the gate has an opening right across the corner.

The place is pretty far gone, not much of it resembles a hospitable because any loose parts are gone — it’s just brick and mortar, and lots of graffiti.

I recommend the basements: they are less demolished and pretty spooky. The basement of the garage building goes very deep, over 30-40 meters and absolutely no daylight is visible when you go far enough.

Worth visiting, not earth shattering.

Update today: If you walk all the way down to the park and take a right, there is a hole in the fence so you could walk right in. You don't even need to climb over anything.
Saw no security or police but did see a couple other explorers.
The buildings are in ROUGH shape so I didn't go inside them much, but even then there is still a LOT to see.

Very VERY easy to get in. Don't bother climbing a fence on the Hansastrasse. Just walk to the entrance to the sportpark. Directly right there is a big opening in the fence. Place is realy trashed and some buildings are in a bad shape. Don't think you're alone there. It's in the middle of a neigborhood. There were a lot of people. Some walking around, some having a party. But still a nice site.

went there last week, and yup. it's very easy to get in. there's a big hole in a fence, no need to jump over anything. right after when I walked in to the hospital, more people followed me. just guys, when u get there watch your steps not to break your legs or fall down the elevator shaft. GET A TORCH. and protect your head just in case, because ceiling are completely destroyed. also I recommend you not to walk on wooden floors. only stone. especially on 2nd or 3rd floor.

I went there few days ago with my friends.
If you are women, watch out for a pervert! There was a guy who thought I was alone there, and secretly followed me to jerk off behind me. As others mentioned, if you climb up to upper stairs there is no way to escape. He blocked me out a way and tried to grab me. But luckily I screamed and he run away. Still, this could be worse. Always stay with your buddy and be aware of some perv!!

As per the comment above - beware if your a female. There was a skinny guy lurking around in a green jacket that tried to attack a young female who'd gotten split up with her friends.
Go in a group and if your a female, stay with your group.
Im assuming there are some people squatting in one of the buildings as well because all the windows are blocked and theres a tarp over the roof.
Even though the place has been pretty badly burnt in some areas there is still some pretty decent graffiti and its a good spot to spend a few hours exploring.

We had a nice night-time explore this evening. Fairly easy access, although they have put up new wooden panels. It was larger than expected, and sadly rotting away, but still a great explore. No sign of anyone living there now: maybe it's too cold in the winter?

We went there yesterday about 13h in the afternoon, the main entrance was big open and 2 trucks were parked inside... there were 5 workers with bright yellow coats putting brand new fences (concrete feet and metal amovible fence) all around EACH of the buildings. We managed to jump the exterior fence in the corner next to the Stadion Buschallee and get to one of the buildings without being seen, but couldn't stay long since the men were starting to fence that very building from the other side and would end up seeing us through the "windows".

I guess better to go during the night now, but then be very very careful because it's all falling apart!

We went yesterday and I think it will now be impossible to enter. The first fence has been filled everywhere with panels and we saw the same truck on the inside placing a second fence around everything.

Easy access on 27-02-2019 in the dark. Only bad thing is that we found the remains of a recent satanic ritual or something, including a beheaded pigeon. If that's your thing, make it soon, because they will start tearing down the place soon.

Just hop the outer fence, inside all fences are open at some point. There might be workers during the day.

Omg I'm so jealous of everyone who has been able to have the chance to explore the buildings. I live out in Vancouver, B.C Canada and there's nothing out here that s even close to comparison to the types of buildings that are abandoned. I got to travel lots all over Europe when I was like really really young and I was with family but damn if I ever do get the chance to go do some traveling ever again plus now that I'm older I'd so want to do go to many of the places that have abandoned buildings and areas to check them out with a few of my likle-minded best buddies.

Also I would love it if by any chance anyone who would happen to have a record of abandoned places that that have been too marked on Google maps just to check out whatever info and see your experiences.

Email: Lauren.Fanning@hotmail.com

Visited yesterday. Still doable to get in, we had to climb a fence and then climb over another two fences when your actually on the grounds. The place is trashed but still great for an urban explore. We met three dodgy characters inside but they left us alone and then a lovely couple that scared the bejaysis out of us. Bring a torch, water, camera and a thick pair of shoes as there is a lot of broken glass. Caution for broken staircases!!

Hello guys, I'm planning to go there, but I'm female and I'm going to be there alone, according to some comments it can be dangerous and to some it is kind of popular for tourists place. Give me an advise please how much populated or dangerous it can be on Weekends

Visited today, still super easy to get in. If you don't want to be seen on the main Street just walk down the alleyway across from the football/soccer field, jump the green fence and you're in. Some of the buildings have temporary fences around them but most are split open at a point or have holes cut through them... Just look as you should not need to climb any of them.

I am travelling alone so it made this place especially creepy! Once you've been through the first building it is fine, just watch your step for holes on the floor as some are DEEP. Seemed like I was alone at first but after exploring the first couple buildings I heard some talking and eventually seen two others, just taking photos and exploring as I was. Did not seem to be anyone living there although I did not explore every room... No Polizei or rowdy folk but it was a Wednesday afternoon.

One building at the end which is fenced has been boarded off from the all bottom entry points, I think this is because it is burnt and has partially collapsed so probably for safety. Probably a good idea to avoid this one, plenty to see in all the others!

Went there today with a friend, easy to get inside, made some nice and crazy photos, it worth the visit. Here the pics instagram.com/odair_faleco/

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