New look

Astute readers among you may have noticed that Abandoned Berlin has a new look. Like many so-called improvements, it may turn out to be regressive, but I hope not. The principal aim is to make it easier for you, dear readers, to find particular places of interest and perhaps uncover some derelict sites I’ve written about already that you may not have been unaware of.
Pictures should also look better now. You just click on an image and it comes up in a thing called LightBox, designed to showcase photographs in all their beauty. So I better make sure I only take good ones from now on.
Who knows? There may be even more improvements to come! Ideally I’d like a little dotted red line down the side of the stuff to the side but I’m told that will break the whole thing because it’s “fixed-width” - whatever the hell that means. I hate HTML, CSS, Java and all the other shit. I just want to explore and write.
But hopefully you’ll like the changes. Feel free to make comments or suggestions for any other improvements, or you encounter any problems please let me know too. I won’t be able to fix anything if I don’t know about it. If you hate the damn thing altogether, let me know too and I’ll change it all back - if I can.

UPDATE: Thursday, October 3, 2013 – I think I’m done messing around. Yes, that’s it, I’m done. Too many late nights with this crap. Time to go exploring.

Interview auf Deutsch

German readers may be interested in an interview I gave Greatest Berlin as part of their “We Read Your Fucking Blog” series.