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Abandoned Berlin is now mapped! Some of you had been asking for the feature – one French guy in particular was positively outraged (pun intended) that I didn’t have a map on the site already – so hopefully this will help give an overview of the city’s neglected beauties.
It’ll be up in the top right corner of the main page under “map,” so if you’re ever planning a trip somewhere you can see which places are nearby and make a day of it.
Of course I’ll be adding to it as I go along. The more places I discover the more places I discover there are to discover...
I already have a long list of sites to document before they’re gone.
As always, if you know of some forgotten or hidden gem I haven’t featured already, let me know! I can be contacted by email at explore[at]abandonedberlin[dot]com.
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Awesome man, thanks! I just made the same map with suggestions from you, digitalcosmonaut, berlinblog and whatever else I could find.

This is awesome, thank you. Can you confirm that these places are accessible? Or do I need to get permission from someone/somewhere to go take photos? I have taken photos so far of abandoned places in Malta.. I'm very interested to visit Berlin, and visiting some abandoned gems would be the cherry on the cake :D

Have a look at the "filed" and "updated" dates on each post to see how current they are. It's impossible to check out all of them every day, though I do try to get back when I can.
Best way to see if a place is accessible is to go and see if it's accessible. They change all the time.
If I know a place is no longer accessible, or has since been converted to apartments (like the Garbáty cigarette factory), then I make sure to say that in the post.
Good luck!

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