Spreepark: This time, it really is over

Filed 26/3/2014 | Updated 27/3/2014
Put your wallets away, Spreepark is no longer on the market. The city snapped it up through the state-owned Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin yesterday, buying the ground lease from the insolvent operator, Spreepark GmbH.
Treptow-Köpenick mayor Oliver Igel wouldn’t say how much was paid. It’s a secret, he said. It’s only taxpayers’ money, sure why would they have a right to know?
But it seems the city coughed up just over €2 million to get it back.
Apparently the creditors accepted huge losses to make the deal go through. Spreepark was valued at €1.62 million last July, when it was withdrawn from auction at €2.48 million, with Deutsche Bank alone owed €10.2 million PLUS €22 million interest. Fucking banks. Another €600,000 or so in unpaid taxes was also due. The debts had put off potential buyers before.
Berliner Zeitung says the state gave up on €4.7 million in lease payments not made since 2001 and Deutsche Bank settled for €1.95 million – incredible!
Finanzamt Treptow-Köpenick was consoled with a €1.33 million allocation from the city budget (effectively an internal transfer), €25,000 was paid for the abandoned “Eierhäuschen” restaurant and guesthouse beside Spreepark (opened 1837, closed 1990), and Spreepark GmbH was apparently kissed off with €60,000.
Mayor Igel (Mayor Hedgehog if you were to translate his name) reportedly said the days of “high-flying dreams” for a large amusement park were gone.
“The district wants a small, fine family park. But the old rides scrap has to go,” he said, presumably before emitting an evil laugh.
Indeed the senate and district both want a “high-quality, eco-friendly culture and leisure park,” according to Der Tagesspiegel. Let’s see how long it takes before those plans include limited or so-called social housing, à la Tempelhof.
September’s forced sale by the Finazamt, scheduled for September, has been cancelled. Barring any further last-minute complications, Spreepark goes back to the city on April 30.
Pia Witte, former wife of Spreepark operator Norbert Witte, has given an undertaking to remove all the caravans from the site by then. I assume that goes for all the old attractions too, the “Schrott” as Mayor Hedgehog disparagingly called it.
Spreepark’s days are finally numbered. This time, it really is over.

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I can't believe this is happening. My favorite place in this city is going down :(((

That's crazy!!! I went there today, actually. Increased security? Everything was fine for like an hour or so. Then I ALMOST met a guard on some tracks, so I sped walked the other way and hid under a fallen log for a bit. Then kept going. Just when I was like, OK maybe I had enough (about 3 hours total), I turned on my heel to be face to face with a guy and a dog. The dog barked, I kept saying, "Where am i?" and looking sad/confused/pathetic (I'm a girl). He was all like, "This place is forbidden, private, I'm calling the police, do you have photographs? Turn around so I can see bag!" I took out my polaroid camera and a weird magic glitter wand I found on the ground. He was like, "Is that a camera?" and I was like, "Uh, these are toys,,," He help yelling stop at me every time the dog started barking. He eventually got frustrated and pointed in some random direction and told me to hop the fence. I could have kept going, except I heard behind me that he had met up with some lady... who was saying something like, "She was taking photos. I saw her..." so I ran away like a sissy. The end.
Ps, it was really fun, and I hope people take advantage of this last change to explore this crazy place. The scream of the ferris wheel is delightful. Stay off the main paths, thats where the people are, and they can see you. They also congregate in the middle near some trucks parked in a big open area. Also, theres lots of containers, bridges, dilapidated structures, tunnels and logs to hide in/behind so you can scout out your next move. Thats all I got. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Its kinda like my welcome to Berlin travel guide. : D

You're very welcome! Glad to hear you got three hours in there - that's loads of time! - and that you escaped with your pictures and bonus weird magic glitter wand.
I guess those trucks you mention are there to remove the "Schrott" as Mayor Hedgehog called it.
Very sad.

it's not! We went today.... it's now open to the public..... 3 Euro a train ride (the original train they have running again) and 15 Euro for a German tour which goes for 2 hours. We did not do it but my wife and I went on the train ride... it was great.

Hey Jurgen, do you know if they have specific hours for the tours? I really want to go there!

Tours ain't the same of course, but there's one today at 4pm. More details here: http://www.berliner-spreepark.de/events/spreepark-fuehrung
If you click beside "Termin" in the top right corner you'll see all the times and dates. Seems mostly Saturday and Sundays until the end of April, when Spreepark will be finally laid to rest.

This story is so sad. I cannot believe that this historical area doesn´t longer exist. Because of the need for clarification in this case we also wrote an article about the Spreepark. Among the research we were very surprised about the negotiated procedure. Now it´s over and a lot of people are very sad, but what else could have been done?
You will find our article at: http://www.eventinc.de/blog/spreepark-berlin-hommage-an-mystische-zeiten/
This article is in German.

Thanks for the link Christin, but it's not 100 percent certain it will make way for apartments. It's likely, yes, but certainly not guaranteed. Köpenick district councillor in charge of construction, Rainer Hölmer, told Flux FM yesterday that the building of apartments at Spreepark is "definitely not possible."

Hi, just went there yesterday. Well not inside, we were on bike.
After 15 min we arrived at the main entrance. Weirdly the wheel was moving, and there were tons of people at the main entrance, going in a tour-train, walking or on bike. Plus some sort of shows for tourists at the entrance (??).
We didn't enter but I just read your post about the park, that's really sad.
I will probable try to sneak in before april 30th; do you have an idea of what it's going to happen after the 30 ?

Typical. Was planning on going here in July but I guess thats a no-go :(


I´m a student of the national film school, and I want to make my exam documentary about the last days of Spreepark. Does anyone know when the park closes down, or if they already started to move things out, or anyone knows how to get in contact with the Witte family? Any help would be highly appreciated!

Hey, just got in there this morning at 7.30 am. We wanted to be earlier than the security and it just worked. Still we have been avoiding the area where the caravans are, it looked pretty in use.. Anyway we had an one hour tour in there and the only moment of fear has been when from nowhere a fox just jumped in front of us over the path we were following, probably as scared as us ! :)
Weather was perfect, got some nice pics.
Thanks for all the tips !

Hi everyone! I went there this last Sunday April 27th on the last tour. I can’t tell whether something is missing or not because I haven’t been before but everything mostly that shows up on Hanna’s movie (for example) is still there. I did the tour at 1pm and since I didn’t like it, I sneaked in again with the same ticket in the second tour round at 4pm and escaped and went on my own and went around the train tracks (the tour train) I really liked the place, specially as I was exploring it on my own outside the tour hordes.

It is true that the fence is low (although I didn’t myself try to jump in or try to find a sweet spot), it’s also true that there are guards with dogs and bikes and caravans, although those caravans are I think at the entrance area, so no fear there. I would say the best place to enter and start is where the water mountain is, on the left side, since the fence was pretty close to where we were standing while on the tour and it’s all covered in trees, so once you’re in you can easily hide somewhere. Plus the most awesome part is there: the water mountain with the rail tracks crossing the lake and into a tunnel. There’s no wolf mouth anymore...it’s just a regular tunnel entrance. I didn’t see however inside the tunnel any ladder or something to climb up to the top of the mountain....I was disappointed....I also didn’t turn any light or flashlight on since while on the tour and when the tour train went into the tunnel I saw a flash and witch voices, so I supposed they still had some kind of “fun photo” camera inside the tunnel for the people on the train. So I thought it would activate with motion or something or they might have a security camera inside of the tunnel. If I manage to sneak in I will try and find my way to the top.

Still be careful on those tracks and tunnel across the lake! When I was at the start hesitating whether to go or not, suddenly on the other side where the tunnel was a guard showed up of nowhere from the right on a bike, so I guess there must be some kind of route there, so just in case you know that they could come form there.

Adding to my previous comment about my visit on the 27th April:

One thing I would add here is to check out a great panorama point of the ferris wheel from the top of the hill in front of it. Supposedly you’re not allowed there BUT let me tell you how to get there. When you’re standing in front of the ferris wheel and the viking boat, there are some kind of wooden bleachers on the background that on the tour they’d tell you used to be a theater. So the thing is, how do you get up there if the wooden bridge is broken? There are two ways: one is from the ferris wheel standing point and the other is if you’re coming from the psychedelic cat roller coaster. From the ferris wheel, you’ve previously gone up a small dirt hill between some broken swan boats that are full of water on the grass where the dinosaurs are laying. When you get up there and before you turn to the left to stand before the viking boat, there’s a stoned path that goes to your right, take it and if you go to the end of it you’ll end up at the psychedelic cat’s roller coaster. Before you go downhill to the cat, there’s like a metal table and chairs as if it were a picnic spot. The canal is to your left and there’s a wooden improvised bridge over the canal. I weigh 220lb and crossed that wooden board without a problem. Do so and you’ll see there seems to be just forest on the other side, nothing interesting. If you pay closer attention, you’ll see there seem to be two paths that go into the wilderness. The one to your left uphill towards the ferris wheel is the one you want to take, the one of the right leads nowhere after some time. You take the left one and always try to aim for the ferris wheel, you’ll pass a metal manhole and at the top of that uphill you’ll find the ferris wheel and that you’ll be on the top of the theater we talked about earlier. You can actually walk down the theater and go somewhere else if you’d like, I just didn’t want to take my chances because during the tour, there were two guards right under the ferris wheel, so....when I was up there there were none....so I guess they swtich. But actually right after coming down from the hill and back to the “regular” stoned path back to the ferris wheel, a guard came towards me and told me to turn around and go through the cat’s roller coaster route, so careful there as well, they do walk those paths. The other way to get up there is simply the same just backwards if you’re coming from the cat’s roller coaster. When you still haven’t gone up that ramp to find the cat’s face, there’s a path that goes a bit uphill to your right, if you take it you’ll end up at that table-chair picnic/resting area. You’ll find the water canal and same thing as explained above from here on.

So as a summary, if you take a look at the parks map on google images for example, the only thing still there from the left hand side of the map is the water mountain (#16). Basically the only area still preserved is from the water mountain #16 all the way to the houses with the circus top #31 however the circus cover is not up anymore, rather trashed under stones. Nothing in the middle of the map is there: the octopus thing, the tall loop coaster, the water slides on the far right hand side, swan boats as seen on Hanna’s movie right by the ferris wheel are not there, I guess they staged it so to make it more interesting but there are not that many undamaged swan boats and just one by the ferris wheel and one where the café at the entrance is. Dinosaurs and mammoth still there

Wow, thanks for your detailed comments! They're little posts in themselves!
I'm not sure how the situation is now. Spreepark was supposed to have been cleared by the end of April, so I'm not sure whether the dinosaurs and other attractions are still there or not.
I need to get down there for another look...

Hello everybody,

I was there on saturday 3rd of may, and the doors were open. people with bikes, pushchairs inside the park so I entered too. Unfortunately 10 minutes after, 2 guards came and started to advise the people to go out of the park.

It was a pity, I would like to back another day to visit it. any body wants to go in the next days?

Nice blog Spudnik´


Hi, I went there today 4th of May at about 1.30 and the gate was open. I stayed for about 5 hours and had the best time ever. There were no guards and it was great to see parents having just as must fun at the park as their children.

Hi guys

Ive been willing to sneak in for long and now found out Spreepark is going down.

Does anyone have an idea if there will be changes soon, or is it still possible to experience the mysterious nature of the park in summer?

I love the blog, thanks!


This is Berlin. Nobody knows, least of all the people who are supposed to know.
It was supposed to have been cleared by the end of April, but according to the previous comments it was still worth a visit the first weekend in May. I still have to get down there for another look.

Hi Spudnik, when do you want to go to take the last look?

I've been there today, no guards, no nothing. Wheel was turning crazy fast and sounding almost like an alarm the whole time. Long time since I've felt so much like James Bond, running over open ground, hiding behind trees..

Even if the guards are there, it's pretty easy to get over the fence most places, just remember where it's good to get over, and then a grown up man in decent shape shouldn't have a problem jumping over it in seconds.

I was there too. We probably said hello. ;)

An Honour! Yes we probably did, quiet and quickly, while jumping from one bush to another. Thanks for this awesome webside, this was my first real visit to any of these abandoned places, and it was a thrill, even without the guards. The cat is amazing, and much bigger than I imagined it. It is a shame, that it's one way or the other going to die. It's obvious that they're removing stuff, but I supose that's a part of these in limbo-abandoned -places' charm. They're like the dinosaurs in the park, not fit to the world we live in now.
Therefore you appreciate seeing them so much more, because you know it might be your last time.

Hi all, i was hoping to go end of May? Do you think it will still be possible to try and sneak in?

I visited Spreepark last saturday, 22th of may. We arrived at like 05:00 in the morning and we haven't seen any security! The atmosphere was so nice and impressive! I would recommend everyone to go there when you still have the chance!

Today it was OK there. I think every sunday is perfect to go there. Suddenly a lot of holes in the fence ;)
There was a security woman at the entrance and I think she called some friends, but she just screamed something at us.
Oh, BTW, really important: I just discovered that there's a shitty dumb cane near entrance. I just bumped with one and didn't realized I touched my arm. Yeah, 10 seconds after, there were small bubbles in my hand. Now it's just fine =)
I think you should mention that ;)
Anyway, thanks again!

Me and some friends snuck in today (June 6th). We climbed under the fence and creeper around for a bit. We were there for about half an hour and then we heard some yelling so we ran back and hopped under the fence. Amazing place. Very spooky


We had luck to get the chance working in there last October. What an amazing and fascinating place. x


Went there today, we had a great time. Totally love the place and everyone should visit before it's too late!

Quite some other people were there as well, seen one security guy but he was just sitting at the entrance.

BTW: We went in through a hole in the gate, near the waterside. Just follow the path and after a while you should see a little house on your left (waterside), it's almost opposite to that.

I went there today (08/08/2014) and it was great !
It's easy to go by the spree side, but the security build a new fence all around the park. I think it will become a little more difficult to go (but not impossibe).
Thank you for this blog !

it's probably over, after this fire

It's all over then - not surprised if the developers burned it to the ground. RIP Spreepark - will never forget when we rode the ferris wheel at dusk pushed round by friends. Thank you Berlin

Went there today. The fence at the water side os really easy to jump. And there is a lot of overgrown paths to walk on. After about 30 min I heard two guards talking so I hid in a bush. After they walked psst5 i kept going. Sadly they have blocked the stairs up to the rollercoaster. But with a bit of effort its not that hard to climb.
Still worth going for some really cool photos.

The lure of old fun now...in a way, decapitated, and now full of angst over impending doom. But everyone is writing in English...some incorrect but still, one wonders, so many English speakers living in Berlin? Or? I know many Germans speak very good English...but this?

As of April 18 2017 there is a large green perimeter fence with no holes. only way through is over, fence is still climbable. when i visited there was two guards on patrol. easy to evade they were lazy fucks. no dogs when i visited despite all the signs. happy exploring

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