Heilstätten Hohenlychen: Hidden history with Himmler, Hitler, Heß et al

Filed 19/4/2014 | Updated 21/4/2014
Mere words or photographs cannot do justice to the jaw-dropping otherworldly beauty of Heilstätten Hohenlychen. Idyllic charms weave their magic to convey an air of secluded innocence, enveloping past nightmares in a cloak of dreamlike stupor, recurring euthanasia.

Stalking the Stasi in Haus der Statistik

Filed 31/12/2010 | Updated 3/4/14
The stranger’s note arrived without ceremony. “I have a route into the big Stasi building on Karl-Marx-Allee.” An invitation to meet up the following day. “Not sure how long it will remain.” Of course I* jumped at it.