Anatomy Institute: Abgehackt

Filed 5/4/2014 | Updated 18/4/17
You expect decaying corpses, chopped up bodies, putrid specimens of flesh, the remains of fevered experiments, but all the evidence is gone, surgically removed. Even the flies have left. Or so it seems…
Some clues remain, hinting at a questionable past. Tiled rooms, laboratories, dissecting tables, display cases, strange contraptions, eerie auditoriums, projector rooms, hurriedly scribbled notes, telephones for contact with the outside world, sinks, desks, chairs, cabinets, files, a toilet brush, former lab rats. Put them together and there can be no mistake – this place was once dedicated to the gruesome field of anatomy.
Downstairs would send a chill down your back, as indeed the cold steel scalpels must have done to their victims. This is where the corpses were stored, kept fresh in stainless steel fridges stacked like pigeonholes.
It must have been so convenient for the students to come down and take their pick. Which dead body will I slice and poke today? The blood from their fiendish hacking would simply wash away on the sloped dissecting tables. Then they’d try desperately to wash the guilt away at the convenient tableside sinks.
“Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?!”
No, dear students, it never goes away.
This, to be precise, was Freie Universität Berlin’s Institute of Anatomy before it upped sticks in 2005 for snazzier facilities in Mitte. The writing was on the wall – and I’m not referring to the graffiti which has made its way there since – when the college’s medical faculties were merged with Humboldt-Universität’s under the auspices of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin university hospital in 2003.
FU Berlin – as it was rudely known, though I’m told that stood for “Free University of Berlin” – was formed in 1948 because there was no longer a university in West Berlin following the division of the city after the war. Maybe they really did mean “FU Berlin” in reference to the East.
The Institute of Anatomy moved into the building designed by Ernst Huntemüller on Nov. 20, 1949, and its students quickly got to work, chopping up the corpses stored in the cool rooms and generally engaging in dubious behavior with people who were no longer in a position to object.
It’s been abandoned for over ten years, and trashed to a certain extent in the meantime, though not as much as you’d expect. Perhaps the lab rats have learned to defend their abode now that they’ve broken free of its cruel shackles. Maybe the ghosts of tortured souls still roam the campus corridors to ensure no more nasty students dare enter with dissecting scissors, scalpels, pins or forceps.
The 5,100 square meter site has been acquired by Aldi Nord, but the discount supermarket chain’s plan to build a shopping center there has run into difficulties with the district office.
Local politicians want to protect the established Kaiser’s at Dahlem and “Das Schloss” (The Castle), a shopping center at Rathaus Steglitz, according to Berliner Woche.
Usually Berlin’s politicians don’t give a damn – the more supermarkets the merrier – but evidently the existing retail outlets are worried about the competition and have made friends in high places.
Perhaps the lab rats and tortured souls have lent their support too. After more than 50 years of hacking, snipping, clipping, tearing, scaling and being turned inside out, you couldn’t blame them for wanting a quiet life.
Freie Universität Berlin’s former Institute of Anatomy. Its days have been dissected to the point of no return.

Königin-Luise-Straße 15, 14195 Berlin, Germany

How to get there
It’s a decent walk from either S-Bahnhof Rathaus Steglitz or S-Bahnhof Botanischer Garten. If you opt for the latter you could also check out the fine gardens on your way back. If you’re more into shops and gaudy commercialism, opt for the former.
The S1 goes to both, and the anatomy college is to the west of both of them. I could give detailed instructions but here’s a map instead.
While you’re in Steglitz, other attractions include the ridiculous looking Bierpinsel, the abandoned bowling alley and the war-torn villa. No, I haven’t been employed by the Steglitz tourism board. Maybe I should send them a bill.

Getting in
Your best option is to get in past the fence beside the gate on Peter-Lenne-Straße. It bends very easily, You don’t even need to go over it – as I realized once I’d gone over it. Just push it back and you’re in. The back door is open. Fresh specimens are always welcome.

When to go
I suspect a party here would be very quickly discovered by the snooty neighbors. Before you have your second beer cracked open they’ll have the Polizei on your tail. Not even the lab rats will protect you then. If anything, they’ll be the ones ratting you out. No, best to go during the day while they’re still groggy from their shenanigans the night before. Watch out for the nosy builders on the other side of Peter-Lenne-Straße. It’s bad enough with the rats ratting you out…

Difficulty rating
3/10 Very easy. I’ve given it a couple of extra marks for the diligence required not to be observed by builders, passers-by or nosy neighbors.

Who to bring
It’s not a very romantic place so leave your girlfriend/boyfriend at home. Bring your pals if you want a party. Bring your dog if you think there’s still a chance of sniffing out old corpses.

What to bring
A scalpel if you’re optimistic and sadistic. I say leave the corpses alone. They’ve suffered enough. Bring beer if you want beer, wine if you want wine, and mint leaves, limes, brown sugar, soda water, ice and rum if you want mojitos. Bring a camera if you want to take pictures. Bring a torch too.

The usual. It’s not inherently dangerous if you don’t mind being chopped up.

UPDATE: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 – Removes reference to building being built in 1929. The first new building was built in 1949.

Thanks, as always, to Mark Rodden for proofreading, and to Anonymous for advising me to go back for a second look. It was worth it!

More pictures, if you’re brave enough, can be viewed here:
West Berlin 7103865546193357792


Went there today. Great place and so easy to access.

Hey Chris, thanks for the comments. Nice shots you got there!

Thanks, but only taken with my nexus 5. Should buy a wide angle for my dslr! :)

:D Funny to see it.. i was there on Saturday :)

Hi Spudnik, why don't you show the very best of the place? There's a room with sort of dissecting table and fridges for the corpses in the basement... About 50 or more cooling chambers next room. All made of stainless steel. Well, scotish nationalists did leave some stains recently. Did'nt you find it? Or do you want to keep a bit of tension for your curious readers. Cheers, F

Want to go again tomorrow? Or somewhere else in Berlin?

Went there with a friend few days ago, easy to get in if you look carefully all around the building . Basements are really creepy, with a morgue and a dissection table, in one of the skins you can find labels with the name of the corpses, sooooo scary. But the rest of the visit was exciting and fascinating, be careful, I'm pretty sure someone lives inside, i found a room with a mattress, clean clothes, fresh food... Thank you for the article, it's a great place to discover!

visited this place today, somebody has bent the fence down. on the right of the building and honestly. all you have to do is step over, door is open. there is some really cool stuff in here. and btw it is huge. there are four floors and three wings. even a "garden" in the middle. really cool, basement with dissecting table and all the refrigerators. definitely creepy. worth the hike to steglitz. neighbors saw us, shouted something. we went back inside and that was all. left an hour later. they were in the same place and just watched us leave. so not much of a problem tbh. there are DEFINITELY people living here. two of the rooms are very much inhabited though we ran into nobody. check it out.

How safe are these places in terms of ravaging homeless people? I'm not from Berlin and I know if I had to do this kind of stuff at home there would be the potential of being stabbed with a screwdriver prior to being looted for crack money. I'm really interested in exploring all these places, I just don't know if i'll be alright doing it alone? Any advice would be much appreciated, hows the general crime in Berlin?

(Incredible website by the way!)

Ehi Anonymous.. I am exploring these places and I am alone too .. If you want we cann have a look together ;) just contact me here again

Thanks! I generally go alone, and have yet to run into problems. If I see someone is living in a place I leave them alone - it's their home and I wouldn't like someone disturbing me in my home either.
So you should be OK, though of course you should remain careful.

giuseppe I didn't get anything.
Contact me at

This place seems popular. I went by myself a few times, ran into no one. Its fantastic. BUT! I have heard of some instances of getting the police called on you, so be sneaky and non-invasive.

So desapointed...i tried to go today, i was about to enter by the Peter-Lenne-Straße side, and heard a huge noise a lonely girl i didn't dare to enter...pffff

Was there saturday May 31st during our 4 days Berlin urbex trip. A walk in the park... Nice location, a visit worth!

Today (sunday) I was there around 9am. I didn't meet anyone, no security, no people in the neighbourhood looking at us.
The place is huge, much more as I thought when I saw the pictures. That means lot of extra fun :-D

Stopped by for a look this afternoon, very cool, interesting that it is just standing there in the middle of Steglitz. Have passed by so many times without noticing it. Not as much of a Zombie feel as the former SS Brotfabrik where I was last weekend. Cool graffiti. Thanks for all of the great sightseeing ideas.

Another video that shows the present conditions of the building.

Hi Giuseppe,

I would like to join as well. I think its more fun to do as a group !

Would someone be interested to visit these abandoned buildings like every saturday or sunday? I feel it would be more fun to do it together. I would love to go to Spreepark and SS Bakers.

Hey Rajshree, i would be interested into do it regularely. Please contact me. Carles.
my address: carlesgl81 at gmail . com

Last weekend we were in Berlin. Before it goes back to Düsseldorf, I really wanted to see this place and make photos.
What a Location! The place was really great.
Thank you that through you I had the opportunity to visit as foreign this place.
Sorry my english ist not very well ;O)

We were there yesterday. there was no problem at all: we could go in very easily and then looking around with no fear of the neighbors..... There were two other groups there.
the place was reeally nice! thanks for the tip!

I went here today and joined up with a group of three to get through the fence. Once inside we met 2 other groups as we wandered around for just over an hour. There's a lot of broken glass around so sensible shoes are important. We looked around all the corridors we found, although when we got to the room of hand basin/fountain things I got spooked by the darkness. We didn't manage to find the morgue and dissecting table, any tips about how to get to them? We did find another way to get into the building, a little pointless but if you walk to the back of the building there is an open window, where a conical flask was perched today. That led into the 70s style apartment bit. When we left a polizei car drove past and parked up the road. The group of girls we met inside told us that it had already driven past twice before we came out so perhaps they are becoming more aware of visitors. However, it drove off as we walked down the street. A great place to visit! Tips about the morgue would be much appreciated :)

Thanks :) Is it through the room with the fountains or is there a particular staircase to use?

Hey guys,

anyone else willing to visit this or other places in the next time. I am looking for some fellows to join as i think that going with someone else is more fun. And the photographers i know are not so much into lost places and prefer to keep on shooting blue-hour-shots...

Drop me a line urbannewbie @ mailfish de

Hey guys, any news about this? i heard it was locked up 2 days ago. Would appreciate any news as i would go soon. Thanks! #verbotenfun. ;)

Checked it out today... a cronstruction yard fence all around but there were already some intruders who made some gaps to pass it. The rest of the buildings is accessable without any struggles...

heute (18.8.2014) waren wir zum nachmittag dort. es war ein sehr einfaches hineinkommen...zaun ist durchgeschnitten und alle türen im hinterhof sind offen. dort haben wir mindestens 20leute getroffen, sehr gut besucht. es ist inzwischen fast alles bunt besprüht. überall stehen leere getränke und im hörsaal lagen auf den tischen einige zeitschriften aus. es herrsch gutes leben da drin. in den kellerräumen ist es dann schön eher etwas gruselig (zum glück hat man ja schnell eine taschenlampe parat) der leichentisch mit den 3 leichenkammern ist sehr bunt geworden und an einer dieser leichenkammer wurde ein liegendes skelett gemalt. :) ( schade das ich kein foto anhängen kann)

es war doch ganz nett da drin. im übrigen ist ein polizeiwagen langsam vorbei gefahren, haben mal aus den wagen geschaut und sind weiter.

We were there on 17/09. Side street entry is super easy to find and enter (fence was cutted).

Inside was amazing, as imagined. Lots of places that feel untouched and found nothing too disgusting, beside the usual abandonned squatted room and junkie's IV stuff. Ran into a couple while we there. We also saw a guy walking around with a metal pipe in his hand and a backpack, who was saying that he visits the place every day to check that no one is trashing it. That might partly explain while a lot of the original cachet of the place is preserved.

We found the "evil basement" just toward the end of the visit (tip: it's close to the door you use to get in the building from the side street), and it's fuckin' creepy! Someone had left a candle in the dissection room, and we lit it, just to add to the mood. Ah also: there is kindergarden close-by, so you hear kids playing as you wander. Freddy Krueger style!

No popo was seen in or out, and we ducked whenever a room was exposed to koning-luise strasse.

We went on Saturday and the entry was so easy! Really cool! Thanks!!

I went on friday with a photographer friend who like to use longer exposure and led lights to create some absurd effects. So we went by dawn and we brought some power torches as we intended to stay before dark. Yes. Creepy. And despite our use of light in the ground floor, no nosey neighbor bothered calling the police.

I am planning to go between the 11th and 15th of October... does anyone want to join me?

I was there recently. Easy to access and nice with the light, leafs etc. in autumn:

i have been there last saturday and entry is nearly too easy... the place itself is really great and much bigger than expected. i can also confirm what others said. some rooms in the last floor are definitely inhabited. there were freshly washed clothes put to try. the only downgrade was a group of loud spanish speaking teenagers who made me leave the venue earlier than expected. afterwards i was hanging out in the neighborhood and could spot a lot of different people going there. so mind that it seems very crowded on weekends, given only one single entrance point you might run into several people.

My pictures from the Anatomy instutute with a big grafitti "SAY YES" on the wall of the lecture hall :)

Went today.Fascinating place.Easy to get in.

Here's a short film from my visit last week

Is there still this place? Or the building is already demolished? would like to go there once

I tried to go this morning but there were police hanging around further down the side street and as there was some house construction going on directly opposite the building I didn't want to risk it.
The area/building looks very easy to access though, I will have to try another day.

I was There with a friend yesterday. The place is pretty amazing. There is a hole in the fence on Peter-Lenne-Str. so it's really easy to get in. The place is pretty busy though so we had to for a while before getting in. There is indeed construction work going on in the house right in front of the entrance, so going there on sunday might be a better option.

I finally visited this place last Monday (02.03.2015).
It was the highlight of my most recent visit in Berlin.
Thanks again to "Abandoned Berlin" website.
My pics are here:

We were there yesterday! :) Just as a quick update: The place is still easy to access, you just have to walk around the house and use the back entrance. We had no nosy neighbours today. The place is pretty much messed up, but the lecture room and the basement are still in all its glory if you're going to see that! We did some crazy climbing today as well (well, a part of us did...) and we know now that the roofs can still carry a person's weight... two rooms seemed to be inhabited, one of them apparently has been abandoned though. The other one had butter, not so old toast, soap etc in it... So maybe somebody's still living there, after a quick glance we decided to leave the room alone. We met two other groups... all was quiet and peaceful.

Were there earlier today. If you walk around the corner, there's a hole in the fence big enough for an adult to go through. Also, the doors are open so maybe you should update it to a 1/10 to get into :) The creepy basement is down the stairs on your left when entering the building.

Note that you should *really* bring a flashlight, for the basement is pretty vast and pretty dark.

was there this afternoon..very easy to get in (the is a whole in the fence on Peter Lenne strasse

PS; to get there you can also take the U3 subway, and get off at Pobielskiallee..from there it is a mere 5 minutes walk

Visited this place 2 days ago, very easy to enter. The whole at the fence on Peter Lenne Strasse is indeed there. No nosy neighbors.There were more people walking through the building.

Visited this place past Friday. As said before, best to take the U3 and get off at Pobielskiallee. Then its very close by. Access was quite easy through the huge hole in the fence on Peter Lenne Strasse. There were also some kids in the building making a lot of noise. Also, we saw a hobo sleeping in a room on the 2nd floor. Best not to disturb him. The dissection table, body storing facilities and lecture room were very cool to see.

PS you might see some Polizei a few streets before you arrive at the institute, but if I remember correctly they are positioned next to the house of the Iranian ambassador. So they are not there to catch trespassing photographers.

I* went to today, great place and met some other photographers just taking pictures.... i went from Rathaus Stieglitz and there are some lovely places in the area to look at on the way... the Auditorium is really amazing and well quite cheaply made in compassion to the rest of it ... cheers Sooty

I* went there today with a friend, saw some other photographers. Next time I'll bring a tripod/monopod for longer exposures:

Very easy to get in, nothing seemed too unsafe.

Hi Morgan, we* were there this morning and left because we heard somebody else, but could not see anybody. So we did not find the dissection table and coolers, but I see you did amazing pictures :-)

A few friends and I explored this spot last July. No corpses or organs left, but still definitely creepy. The closest thing to human remains we found was the pile of poo abandoned in the toilet.

Here's a video I've put together of our visit (Poo not included.)

Was here on the 12th August 2015 and when we arrived there was a van at the side entrance and two men fixing up the broken fence that everyone gets through! They've wrapped chains and barbed wire around it and it's impossible to get through! Very disappointed after travelling to the place! Would love to know when someone breaks it through again!

Hey Emma :) i was there thus nicht And it is now possible to get in. Yoy have to go to the Same entrance Like before And there are now two possibilities to get in.
1. You hop the fence. There is a big whole in the wire and if you aren't too clumsy you can easy get through it or you
2. Go a little more to the right if when you are standing in front of the "entrance". You go in the bushes to your right and there is the fence broken so you can easily go in like before ;)

Same here Emma... Got in with 3 other friends on the 18th, there was bunch of people living nearby looking at us (and so many people getting in continuously), plus a worker, but all worked fine. There is a hole in the fence + you can even jump it, it's kind of stable. Anyway inside was a little disappointing, maybe coz I just had visited BLUB. Not that much left, only some nice graffiti.

Checked it out a couple days ago. Very cool. Still the hole in the fence to the right, and i snipped off a couple potentially scratchy ends. There was quit alot of people there, three girls and a group of three guys and a girl. The boys were on the roof framing up shots with some fancier video equipment. I hope I can see the video they end up making somehow. The evil basement is great. Anyway, thanks for sharing...

Hey ! thanks for the great topic !! I am thinking going there this week. Does someone know if it is accessible ?

I was there last Friday afternoon. You can easily access the place through a hole in the fence beside the gate on Peter-Lenne-Straße. The back door is open. Enjoy!

I'v been in december, it was really easy to enter :)

Went there today there was a bunch of teens breaking things. So of course the police came in force. Seen about 15 cops couldn't even find where they stored the bodys. So sad about that

I am one of the former students who learned in this place, and it makes me feel disturbed to see it in such a condition. The university should have removed the interiors before selling the building, so that it could not become a place for sensation-seeking people. Yet I can understand the fascination for this building. There was nothing creepy about it when it was used for studies and research. The bodies where donated voluntarily - a free decision of each single donor during lifetime. We owe respect to these people and should therefore treat this place respectfully, too, like a cemetary. No one was "chopped" here: The bodies were conserved before the dissection, which took an entire semester. Afterwards the bodies were buried appropiatly. Anatomy is an important subject for future physicians, helping to understand the human body.
Please show respect to the donors when entering this building.

Went there today, still easy access next to gate on Peter-Lenné-Straße and through back entrance. Pretty trashed now but still interesting. Met another group of explorers. No issues with security etc.

Went there a few days ago. It was my second visit to an abandoned place in Berlin since I moved to this wonderful city. There is a big gap in the fence now, although it is really easy to get in. Explore it by yourself!

Explored this place two days ago when we found out that the nearby bowling alley had been torn down.
We weren't disappointed, this was probably the best abandoned place to visit among the former children's hospital, the BVB swimming pool Lichtenberg and the S-Bahn station Siemensstadt.

It's still very easy to get in (hole in the fence on Königin Luise Straße).

There were people trashing the place (heard the smashing of glass when we came in, which was a little startling but adding to the mood :D) but no problems with people passing by, neighbors or police.

The basement is really cool, especially with a flash light. Bring at least a monopod if you want to take pictures.

It's more trashed now than on the pictures above, but still stuff to see.

visited this place in summer last year and finally manage to put the pictures online:

it was a smooth and easy visit

With regard to the year of construction, here given as 1929, I would first of all rely on the information given by FU Berlin itself on their own chronicle:

Eröffnung des Neubaus für das Anatomische Institut

Als erster Neubau der FU wird das Präpariersaalgebäude des Instituts für Anatomie in der Königin-Luise-Straße 15 eröffnet (Architekt: Oberbaurat Huntemüller).

So, the building has quickly been built in 1949 (without the lecture hall, that's a later extension), as it was an urgent necessity prior to offering the study of medicine at the new founded university. No other existent building, such as former manisons or research institutes, that had been handed over to house Freie Universität at Dahlem, could provide premises for the special purpose of an anatomical institute. So, in fact, this rotten and since 1949 several times expanded and modified building is the very first *new* building of FU.

But, why not build in 1929 and reused in 1949 as so many "sources" including Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg say? There is a great selection of topo maps, provided by Landesarchiv Berlin, available at and no map of the area since 1929 to 1948 shows anything else there than just the fields of the Biological Institute for Agriculture and Forestry. A building of 1929 would definitely have shown up on later map editions of the 1930's and 1940's. Also Hansa Luftbild took aerial photos in 1928 and there is no sign of a construction site at the corner of Königin-Luise-Straße and Peter-Lenné-Straße - just trees. Extensions of the institute building between 1952 and 1955 (west wing, giving the complex the shape of a square) are listed on the corresponding topographic maps of these years.


Many thanks for this blog, it helped me discovering nice places since I moved to Berlin 2 years ago.

I went to this place yesterday, and this is still super easy to get in. No fence, no climbing, no security guards. I strongly recommend!

I visited here two weeks ago, it was very easy to enter but so ruined by vandals. It was also actually quite busy - like a tourist attraction!

New pictures -

i was there in the beginning of summer this year. if you find the gap in the fence, it is very easy to access.
here is a small video i made (my first one!!)

I've been inside the Institute today. Some pretty interesting things to see, the corpses' cells, the autopsy bed and the big auditorium above all the rest.
In the upper floors only small rooms covered by shitty artworks and devastated by stupid vandals, almost every window and every single glass in the Institute is broken.
There were a couple of workers on the perimeter, maybe taking some ground tests, a couple of writers and another photographer. It's not that scary and not that dangerous, watch out for wet/muddy floor expecially in the basement, where you also need a torch (the mobile phone one is good).
I'll share some pics on my Flickr account in the next days or when I have some free time.

Vandalism is the result of these written expolrations in detail. Address and how to get there. Thanks to Abandoned Berlin.
The Netherlands

You're welcome Peter. Next time you come visit from the Netherlands you should be able to find and enjoy these places easily enough.
As for the age-old vandalism theory put forward by the kind of people who'd like everything to themselves, you'll find reasons for publishing addresses here:
Enjoy it while you can.

Thanks for the video. Saves me a worthless trip. Vandalism due to publicity on the internet and other media.
The Netherlands

No, I don't keep it for myself. I just do not publish it. And I hate vandalism.

Went there 2018/01/07. It is very sad to see this place so smashed. The spirit of the institute is gone,leaving trash and bad graffitti. The building is in the middle of the city, and it is very easy to get in. So stupid vandals don't have to search the web for such places... to be honest visiting this site I was disappointed. It is a shame what some people do with those great places.

Hi, I am a medical student - just read your post and you probably seem to be biased against the study of anatomy! I dissect human cadavers daily and everyday I thank them for helping me increase my practical knowledge so I can help other patients out in the future.
So before you pass rude comments against anatomy students, be a little more considerate. It takes a lot of bravado and patience to learn anatomy. Besides, you might just have to go for a surgery one day and wouldn't want a 'textbook surgeon' operating on you now, would you?

Thank you for your nice reply. Using fancy English doesn't give one the write to be destructive. I am an anatomy student as well, so I get how you feel. We treat the donors bodies with much respect and care and they are obviously given a solemn cremation. May they rest in peace.

May I respectfully suggest you dissect your funny bone and try to find your sense of humor. Much love to all medical students.

As the righter, I have the write to right whatever I choose.

Hey, I have done anatomy. Not in Berlin, but at at my university + a summer course at another university.

I understand you let out your imagination in the text, but anatomy is not gruesome, cruel or guilty. We don't 'chop' the bodies, and the corpse is not a 'victim' as you describe it. And I don't think any 'fevered experiments' have taken place there.

You dissect a body according to very accurate techniques, very slowly, in order to learn something. Afterwards the body is sewn together, and the remnants are cremated or buried (according to the wish of the deceased person).

Those people have all donated their bodies, so it is voluntarily. Maybe in the former Eastern Block less consent was needed, I know they sometimes used the bodies of homeless persons without any relatives who could give consent. But generally, it's a very decent science, or art, whatever you name it.

Obviously, without anatomy, medicine would be guessing how the body works, and we would still be at the medieval stage. Imagine operations with no knowledge of anatomy? Impossible.

Although I understand you are telling a story, it's actually disrespecting not only the medical students and doctors, but also the deceased ones who donated their body.

The most important experience from my anatomy classes was that you get very conscious about the difference between life and death. A dead body is entirely dead. So you don't get the feeling of dealing with a person. But it is a slightly creepy experience whichmost students don't like too much. After the first few days you get used to it, but it's still special. However, it is good to be reminded that we have a body and it's very concrete inside.

If there is a soul, obviously it is something else than the body, so I don't see how dealing with a dead body would be connected with souls and ghosts. The soul could be anywhere else, for example at Lidl or Berlin Hbf, on holiday in Spain, or on Mars. But of course, it's our imagination, and that is a strong tendency we all have.

What the hell is wrong with anatomy students? LIGHTEN UP!

Went there two days ago and there was no way of getting in. The fence has been repaired and there was lots of new barbed wire...

There is barbed wire but still a whole in the fence. Super easy getting in. Police drove by while climbing in and they didn't seem to care.

Went there today...but there is no "safe" was in if you're going at daytime. The fence is fixed, no holes. You can climb the fence but it was too risky to get spotted. For me at least. Will go there some other day again.

we went there today, at 6am in the morning. we climbed the fence at the main street, no-one was around at that time. we spend 2 hours there and when we tried to exit, someone from the neighbor street shouted at us. we just exited quickly on the other side. was fine. place is really interesting but sadly trashed to quite some extend!

Was there the other day all the holes in the fences are fixed now with newly added razorblade wire wasnt able to get in.

Was there today, could hop real quick over the fence, but place is absolutely trashed. Still worth the visit. at the side street there’s a fence you can hop over. Thats also the side where the basement is where they stored the corpes back in the days.

Went on Saturday in the afternoon and found a gap in the fence that was easy to squeeze between within about 30 seconds of scouring the place for an entrance.
Its pretty trashed but theres some decent graffiti in the upper parts of the building and the dissection tables and cadaver fridges are all still there on the bottom floor.

Compareable to a high security jail. We went there yesterday and after 10 minutes we had 5 police cars securing the place. (11 policemen)

Went there more or less a month ago. There's a lot of wire, but we found a gap between the fence and the floor that is located in the corner of the enclosure. Once you've passed the gap, you should get inside the building through the main door. We recommend going there at lunch time (12 am more or less), so obviously there will be less people on the street. Anyway, make sure there are not people watching over from their homes, specially the house in front of the building. We recommend going there in groups of 3 people, so that the people from the village don't think that you're going to make a party inside of the building. The place is a bit destroyed and there are a lot of things that have been stolen; nevertheless,the cadaver fridges, the dissection room or the auditorium for example are more or less in a decent state, so we think that the visit is worth.

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