Spreepark: Still closed for business!

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I said I’d go back, I had to go back. So I went back to Spreepark today. What a ride!
When I got to the gate I was dismayed to see the mammoth with half a missing trunk had gone the way of the trunk – he was missing too. The other dinosaurs that had been keeping watch over the entrance were gone as well.
Mayor Hedgehog’s words passed before my eyes: “The Schrott must go.”
The poor old mammoth and dinosaurs never did anyone any harm. How could they be just discarded like that? Thrown on the scrap heat, covered in household refuse, crushed, mashed and incinerated. Or whatever they do with unwanted dinosaurs around here…
I gathered myself and cycled around to suss the place out. No security dudes sitting in their cars smoking beside the fence as there had been before. All quiet on the perimeter. Then I noticed people inside – a girl throwing her long hair casually over her shoulder, a couple of others, walking around with bottles of beer in their hands. These clearly weren’t security. What was going on?!
I kept going and saw the Ferris wheel was still there, turning and screaming the way it does. Never was I so happy to hear that evil creaking sound.
Big angry signs proclaimed that the property was watched 24 hours a day by AWG Security. Maybe they’d taken the day off.
I found a gap in the wooden fence big enough for a tractor – it was inviting me in – so I hopped through and straight away I was home. Back in Spreepark!
I ran into the big giant orange ball and straight back out again. There was so much I wanted to see, and I still couldn’t quite believe I could simply wander around to my heart’s content. I snapped and snapped but was too excited to take decent photographs.
I walked through the tunnel and a chorus of the loudest frogs in Berlin greeted me at the water chute on the other side. A couple of bored ducks swam around beside the swan-boats. The cat, the fucking cat – my favorite cat in the world – was still there with his mouth agape and the drunken Tyrannosaurus rex was still on his side, unable to lift himself up again due to his puny little arms.
The Ferris wheel was screaming as I mentioned before and there was a group of people there, some of them sitting in it and being pushed around by the wind. Looked like great fun!
But I was captivated by the ship on the lake with its dragon’s head. Any time I tried reach it before I had to elude security so this was the Holy Grail for me. I took a trillion photos, then a trillion more.
I retraced my steps from that first visit in 2009, and took a billion steps more. I looked everywhere. Everything I saw was a wonder, made more poignant by the fact it’ll soon be gone.
It’s sad, sad that everything here is considered “Schrott.” The train that used to take tourists on the track around Spreepark at weekends has a desperate appeal scrawled on its control deck (or whatever the hell it’s called) – “Nicht Schrott” and “Bitte nicht verschrotten” along with a mobile number for a person who wants to buy it. I hope they ring the number.
This was borrowed time and I was determined to make the most of it, somehow capture some of it for the days it’s no longer there. For Spreepark’s days are still numbered. Go now! Enjoy it before we find out what that number will be.

All the photos here were taken today, bar the last one, for which I sacrificed my bicycle on my previous visit to Spreepark. It’s a picture of the mammoth, who, tragically, has made a much bigger sacrifice in the meantime.
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Spent the whole afternoon there today. There were a LOT of people inside, from couples, to families having picnics to elderly people wandering around. Close to 4PM security showed up and asked people to leave but they weren't really pushy, so most people stood there anyway and after 15min everybody was free to wander around.
I'm really happy I went there and spent some time living spreepark. What a beautiful place and so sad to see it go!

Some pictures I took yesterday

Pity about the train. I chatted to the the driver last year, he told me it was an original English-built diesel locomotive from the 1950s that was imported to the GDR for the park. After the park closed it was left on a side track, years later they found it again in a filthy state, cleaned it up, and it started on the first try.

went there yesterday 11.05.2014. no security at all. many couples wandering around and the most amazing noises a man can only hear in Spreepark!

Just went there today. Dude, I have thank you for that guide.
After 1 hear and a half I'd courage enough to hope the fence.

An update: There's not so many holes in the fence. Neither the wooden fence. They are well locked or there are also some nailed planks filling the holes. The only two "holes" I saw were: 1 along the river with a huge piece of tree and 1 near entrance, in the orange fence with one green fence to "fill" the hole. I think this one is better.

So, I arrived there around 11am with my partner and how "lucky" we were. They were I guess cleaning the entrance and the Eierhäuschen. There was 1 van parked behind Eierhäuschen and 1 truck and 1 car with a small trailer at the firemen entrance and a lot of kids from - I guess - Waldschule near the wood fence. We waited an hour maybe and when we realized it was launch time we went back. It was clear. Not a single life there.
I hopped the fence behind that orange huge thing near "National Bank" and my partner waited outside.
My phone ringed and my partner told me there were 2 security guards in the main entrance looking around. I got the hell out of there and tried again some minutes later. This time there was only one car and one security guard doing his great job near the main gate. I hopped that orange fence in front of that small cabin or whatever that was. I realized the windows of the dog training house were open and they probably saw me when I went to that screaming ferris wheel. 5 min later my parter told me the security went to the dog guys with that silent (and probably electric) car and he was driving around the park. I got the hell out of there again. It was short but it was great.
Again, thank you!!!

Oh, I forgot to say:
Whoever forgot his/her blue and white regenschirm, it's in front of the ferris wheel. ;)

Any new information about that place ?

I was here last week. No security or worker, I had the parc all to myself :D.
Any fresh news about the situation?
Thanks for your great work Spudnik!
P.S. Did you receive my mail about the abandonned "Spa" in Neukölln?

This afternoon I went there: it's super easy to get in (there are holes all around the fence). I made a full tour + roller coaster trail exploration, 2h30 stay and I run into at least 60 people! It seemed the park was open again (:-P) no security at all, every one was just enjoying the sun and the park, peacefully.

I am going to Spree between 12-16 of july? Has anyone got any info bout the security stuff? i am going with 4 friends. We are from another country and we don't want to have any trouble with security,police etc. I mean if the security will 'catch' us, what will they do? Just ask us to leave the area?(i've never been in germany..:)

I'll be in Berlin at the beginning of August and I really hope Spreepark is still there for me to go visit. I'm wondering the same thing though; if there is security there, do they just ask you to leave the area? I'm also not wanting to get in bother with security or the police right at the beginning of my trip :( really looking forward to seeing Berlin!

I'm wondering the same as the two previous posters, thinking of going tomorrow. Anyone been there recently?

From what I heard, the park has been now bought by the Berlin city. It's not really "private" anymore, and the security guards are just state employed and couldn't give less shit. I went there about two weeks ago, they just let us wander around for three hours and finally came to us to bring us back to the exit with smiles and jokes; so really nothing to be worried about, compared to last year when the multiples guards had talkie-walkies and dogs and were very aggressive.

So we went today at around seven o'clock and found two holes in the fence towards the water, out of which one was just an easy step straight through. We wandered around for about two hours and didn't see any security, just other people exploring. I would definitely recommend a visit, it was good fun and very easy to get to aswell!

Update as of June:
-on a Sunday end of May there was no security at all and many people visiting the place. It is really easy to enter.
-about two weeks later, ~mid-June there were security guards kicking everybody out

So overall, still damn easy to enter but unclear if and when security is on the site...

Hey,guys, Ireally wanted to visit this park but just read it was burned down in August
anybody visited it recently?

It was only a small part that burned down. Most things were still really cool when I went two month ago. The thing the security guys. When I went last time, they caught me. You should ckeck if they are controlling the spot, if it's possible to make the visit I think that I would be worth it.

Any update on the situation? Would love to visit in the next couple weeks but prefer not to get arrested.

There is security on site. They amble around every so often on the main paths. If you stick to the foliage and keep your head down you should avoid detection. If they do see you, run if you think you'll be able to get back over the fence quickly enough. Even if you get caught though, I don't think the repercussions are too severe.

I've been there some month ago, during summer. Security is on a high level. Guards and dogs. It's still possible to get inside from the river side quite easily, but be sure to check the guards walk, and avoid some easy spotted areas.. try to be alway cover by trees/ bushes, dont go to fast.

I did some pictures there, you can have a look to decide yourself if it worth or not




We were yesterday. This time i was not alone:

- cause of security if something happens to you (accident or a clown tries something dirty with you)
- he/she can discover places you would never have seen.
- It is much better to share this experiences with someone.

We went on 6.50 AM. Hole under the fence close to the river. For 2 hours. We saw almost everything but finally, we saw two sillouettes running to us (two big guys) so we just ran and he could not find us, but after 2 hours and with many pictures (with a great morning light!), we thought it was better to comeback another day. We left around 9.00 AM.

Still many things to see, but security seems to be stronger than before. On Saturday evening went around to check the place with bikes, and we saw a Polizei car inside the park. Although we didn´t see it on Sunday morning, on Saturday was there.

Security rounds were done with a van on Saturday evening, and they had a Husky (dog) with them. Still easy to scape if you go following the railways i guess. Just avoid the big streets in the park. For me it worked both times.

During our perimeter checking on saturday evening someone broke the fence to go inside. This was around 8 PM, but the day after when we tried to enter, it had been already fixed! so they check the fence quite often.

I hope this helps :) . Still some people inside. We were not alone even at sunday morning :)

thanks again for the web! :)

Thanks for the update and your tips! They'll definitely help :)

Hey, I want to visit Spreepark this summer.
Has anybody been there in spring oder summer this year? Are there any news about the security or how to get in?

I was there like a week ago.

There are some holes under the fence near the river so it still quite easy to get in, you may get dirty.

Was there one and a half hours, met two guys from Amerika.

Then i heard some barking which i thought was caused by the dog school next to the spreepark, a few minutes later i saw the source of the barking. There was a large black dog without any security guards just 200m meters away.

I run away back again to the fence and didnt saw him again. So be carefull if you decide to go there.

I was there in June. It was very easy to get in (we crawled under a fence) but it is better to search for an entry that leads you under the trees, not in the open, so that you can hide directly. We got caught by security (2 guards in a car, no dog) after about an hour. They were nice and let us take more pictures but took our ID (bring your ID !) and escorted us back. Several friends went there after and they all got caught. I will advise to bring a map of the parc so that you can avoid the parts where you are easily visible from the outside.

did anything happen to you and your friends? like .. did you get a letter from the police?? Because my friend and I got letters saying "Belehrung/ schriftliche Äußerung zum Strafverfahren".. are there any consequences? or was it just informative?

i got the same letter recently, but i don't know about the consequences. If you know something please let me know, i'll do the same.

That should be a warning letter from the police. It's nothing bad, but it'd be better to write what happened and the apologies

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