Tanks for the memories: From Heeresbekleidungsamt to Panzer Kaserne

Filed 30/1/2012 | Updated 28/10/2014
Not much can be learned from the old abandoned Panzer Kaserne in Bernau but for the fact that Russians love covering their walls in newspaper and playing basketball in attics. It’s true.

Haunted halls tailor-made for Nazi uniforms: The Heeresbekleidungsamt

Filed 15/10/2014 |
Things that go bump in the night are only slightly less scary when they go bump in the day. Throw in Nazis, dark dripping basements, endless hallways, chill winds, the ghosts of Soviet soldiers and – most disconcerting of all – giant seagulls, and everything becomes immaterial when sheer terror takes hold.

Funkhaus Grünau: Riverside radiowaves

Filed 2/10/2014 | Updated 29/12/2014
Look for the ghosts of Soviet disc jockeys and you’ll find raccoons. Expect the unexpected and you’ll find it, just not the unexpected you expected.