Vogelsang bunker diving: Spooked by nukes

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Behind monstrous metal doors with monstrous metal hinges lay monstrous metal missiles with the fate of the world in their monstrous metal hands.
These nuclear monsters lay primed for their part in the planet’s annihilation as West and East eyeballed each other over the precipice of the Cold War divide, held to ransom by threat of mutual destruction.
Hiding among trees, retreating under foliage, behemoth bunkers from a bygone age on the verge of return bow under the weight of their contribution to history. Impassive, silent, untouched by guilt, they wait to be consumed by the forest. Even nature is loath to intervene, however. Some wounds never heal but fester forever more.
Permanent tipping point leaves its scars. You can’t approach sites once capable of mass devastation without fear of causing it. What if you trip on a switch? Fall on a button? Step on a trigger?! It doesn’t matter that the nukes are gone. The nukes were there! There were nukes there, man! Nukes!!!
My heart was beating like a fucked clock desperately trying to catch up after a night off. For all I knew I was breathing in radioactive fumes, absorbing Sellafield or Chernobyl levels of unhealthiness.
I hurried around the bunker searching for a way in, fearing it if I found it. Grass was growing outside, green, proof of radiation! Yeah, grass is green anyway, but you know, this grass was really green. I turned green at the thought of it – further proof of radioactive poisoning.
I had to hurry, explore the site before I dropped dead. There were no other humans, not even a rat, further proof if needed that the site was as hospitable as a Brandenburg wolf who’d just learned he and his family would have to make way for a new airport.
I approached the huge lichen-stained doors with increasing trepidation, stopped almost with reverence before them. I put out my hand, touched them, pulled one. It creaked open!
Enough to squeeze through. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. Jesus, I was in! The temperature dropped dramatically as I entered the deep dark cavity. It was cool, in both senses of the word. Beyond cool – chilling. I looked around. Even with the torch it was hard to see properly.
Nevertheless, it was clear that the goodies were gone, the nuclear goodies. There were only vast empty spaces hinting at the devastation the site once held. I didn’t know whether to feel disappointment or relief.
Inside the bunker’s cavernous giant belly, there were Soviet warnings, holes, vents, levers, knobs, doors ajar, jars adoor, inexplicable things, mad things – I took them all in without thought for safety or sanity. Then I ran away.

I wrote about Vogelsang before, the history without the histrionics, along with details on how to find the site in a previous post.

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Is that the "Sonderwaffenlager" in the south-east on this map? https://mapsengine.google.com/map/viewer?mid=zwmJXBmBSRVA.kIWIEkCsj_Lc

If not - in what area there do I find this gem?

Yes, you'll find it in that area, more to the south-west than east. ;)

Right -> south-west, that is what I meant. =)
Thank you.

Your blog is just extraordinary. Keep up the good work. (When will you publish the book?!)

hello. Im trying to find the location on google maps, but i couldn't. does someone has more specific directions? i really wanna go there soon... ;)

Check the main Vogelsang post. There's a whole dedicated map of Vogelsang with every detail you could possibly want there - as you might have noticed if you'd read the bottom of this post.

Update posted on main Vogelsang entry :)

Also, the two main bunker metal entrances are welded firmly shut at one end and bulldozed with piles of dirt into the opposite end. The only access at each is via a single, steel-grate removed hole at left of the welded doors. It's a bit squeezy but not so difficult. Check youtube for some ninja moves ;)

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