The book: Verlassene Orte / Abandoned Berlin

Filed 27/2/2015 | Updated 16/3/2015
I’m happy to announce that I can now take orders for the book! Some astute readers noticed already and have even placed orders, though I won’t be able to ship any until Monday due to work commitments. (Those and many more have since been shipped.)
The good news for those living in Germany is that shipping is free! It’s my little present to you to refrain from using Amazon and instead contribute directly to the source.
Unfortunately, for those living abroad, there’s nothing I can do about Deutsche Post’s €6 charge for shipping. The book is fairly big – it won’t fit in your pocket if you want to bring it with you exploring – but it is under a kilo, or it would cost €12 to ship internationally.
I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t think it was true, but the book itself looks great! The publishers did a damn good job with the photos, the layout, and with the translations. There’s also just something about paper, holding something in your hands, as opposed to squinting at a screen.
It’s full-color, with texts in German and English side by side. There are 28 places with their stories featured. The swearing has been curtailed and directions to sites are not included. It would be pointless to include them anyway because they change all the time – this is one area where online has an advantage over print.
Anyway, that’s that, it’s out now. I’m not going to flog it shamelessly, beyond saying that proceeds from sales here will benefit the source and help ensure the work continues. I dream of a new camera but that’s a long way off...
For now I’ll just enjoy the giddy thrill of popping down to the post office with books in tow. Get ‘em while they’re hot! And before they’re banned – that Verboten tagline could yet come back to haunt me.

UPDATE: March 16, 2015 – Some were asking about bookshops. Apparently you can walk into ANY bookshop in Germany, order it, and they’ll have it there for you next day at no extra charge. Sounds too good to be true but I’m assured it is.
Any good bookshop should have it. Of course, you can still order here online and support the author! ;)
If you’ve any questions or strange requests, fire an email to ‘orders at abandonedberlin dot com’ or the general ‘explore at abandonedberlin dot com’ email address.
Booksellers who want to stock the book should contact Michael Lüdicke through ‘m.luedicke at bebraverlag dot de’ at the publishers.
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Ich habe das Buch vor 4 Tagen von meinem Buchhändler des Vertrauens bekommen und bin begeistert. Spannend und humorvoll geschrieben wie hier im Blog. Ich freue mich auf einen evtl. 2ten Teil. Glückwunsch nochmal zum Buchrelease und viel Erfolg.

Buch habe ich grad bestellt. Folge Dir seit paar Monaten. Schöne Grüße und viel Erfolg: Keep up spirit and good work !

Wow, vielen Dank!!! Freut mich dass das Buch dich gefallen hast!

Danke Johann! Montag werde ich das Buch schicken. Danke für die netter Wörter!

I want you to stuff a book in your backpack, bike to the spaeti to meet me, then personally inscribe it with your autograph while dripping Augustiner all over it! Pick a time and place and you've got a sale (beers are on me as well)!


Congratulations man! Looking forward to owning one. Or two.

Is your book available at any bookstores in Berlin, like Dussman?

Well done! You deserve all the success in the world for your hard work collecting all these little known places before they totally disappear.

You took your time, didn't you ;) Knew it would happen one day. Just read an article of yours in The Guardian as well - about time, too.

This is good news.

The book is really great, man! Really cool, congratulations.

Cool! Do you know what the building is across from Landsberger Allee S Bahn is? About here:

Yes, it's a former abattoir, where cattle were slaughtered. I passed by last week. Construction is already underway. I'm open to being corrected on this but I think they're building apartments there.

Ah thanks! Always wondered what was in there. Will be buying the book on payday!

I happened to order the very first copy of the book as I (again) stumbled over this great website. I received the book in the mail last Monday and it is a true gem. No doubt about that. As already pointed out, there is something special with flipping through paper pages. Also, I find they way it is written (in English) as very fun to read and a source for laughter! However, the balance between laughter and some of the more sinister stories in the book is difficult but I think you master that balance with precision. Impressive work! /Martin in Sweden

Bought it at Dussmann last week. Love the way it came out. Good luck with it. Least I can do for trolling your site. :-)

Yep, Dussmann have it, and these bookshops in Berlin definitely stock it too:
- Buchbox on Kastanienallee, Prenzlauer Berg, and on Grünberger Str. 68, Friedrichshain.
- Kisch & Co., Oranienstr. 25, Kreuzberg.
- Hugendubel bei Karstadt, Hermannplatz, Neukölln.
- Kohlhaas & Company, Fasanenstraße 23, Charlottenburg, West Berlin.
There are loads of other shops stocking it as well. Just go into any bookshop and ask for it. Apparently they'll have it next day for you if they don't have it already.

Awesome mate well done! Just ordered one all the way from Australia! Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Will you ship to the US. Just found this blog and my lab partner and I love it!!

Just ordered! :) Hope to have it next week! :) Thanks for your job!

Hi Heather. Yes indeed, I'll gladly ship to the US. Postage is €6. Many books have already made their way across the Atlantic...

Hi Galina, that order never came through - unless you've a different name and you live in Sweden?

Haha :) I've ordered it in Amazon and going to receive it in Berlin in some days! :) I think in Russia it's impossible to find it... :(

I live in the Netherlands and here you kan order it with
I order it now and hope to got it soon.
jou do a great job here and your photos and text are superb.

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