Plotbot in Vogelsang: Radioactive street art

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Normally I go alone. Alone or with my son, the only person I trust not to call the cops. He looks out for them all the time, warns me every time he sees a lurking Polizeifahrzeuge. They lurk everywhere. You’d think they’d have better things to do with all the murders and FIFA.
Last week I didn’t go alone, nor with my son. I brought Plotbot Ken and a companion out to Vogelsang. I had to go back, I went back.
We went to see some of the former’s work for a book on street artists the latter is compiling. I brought them in a Trabi for sentimental and practical reasons – it was the only car we had between the three of us. There’s always the fear you won’t make it at all, or back. Always the fear, the Trabifear.
But we made it, and back, or you wouldn’t be reading these words here but other words in a newspaper concerning the tragic deaths of a famous street artist and two unknowns in a Soviet military camp once capable of unleashing nuclear hell, atomic apocalypse. Thankfully that didn’t happen either or you wouldn’t be reading these words… well, anywhere.
Such paranoia is evidently shared by Plotbot, as anyone can tell from his artworks. They seep dangerous levels of radioactivity.
He was pestered by radioactive ticks the whole time we were in Vogelsang – only him. I’ve no idea why they’re attracted to him, perhaps they share the same angst, but he’s welcome to them as long as the little disease-carrying blood-suckers stay away me.
I’d stumbled across Plotbot’s work before – we’re both drawn to neglected places after all – and find it always embellishes its new environment. He ensures his creations fit in, using native colors and complementing the art pieces with elements from their new surroundings. They’re a compliment in turn to the Topbot Plotbot.

I wrote about the lost city of Vogelsang before, of its nuclear past and fiendish intentions, in a previous post that also tells you how to get there, and again in another post on the terror of bunker diving.
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Visited yesterday with my lady as our last hurrah to Deutschland. Only had a few hours (piercing appointments at naked steel), but sweet fuck. That place is otherworldly. Multiple herds of deer (one herd gracefully bounding over and down a bunker as we crested), rams, incandescent beetles, and a very terrifying squirrel. The juxtaposition of the decaying military/industrial complex to the all-encompassing growth of nature was soul stirring. Never been anywhere like it. The main gas mask art on the bunker door was starting to decay, but my god was it breathtaking. I will be going back to camp as soon as i can afford another european trip.

I was at Teufelsberg the other day and snapped a picture of some apocalyptic, radioactive artwork very much like these on a big drum container, has your artist friend been by that way perchance?

I have updated my maps on Vogelsang garrison at long last and been there yesterday. There has been some demolishing work done since my last visit in october 2014. The russian style wooden houses are gone, the soldiers shower bath with the luffa sorage, the water works, a heating plant and some other buildings, including a Lenin stele (that had lost the insignia long ago). The tank simulator, the gymn, the huge House of Officers (club and theatre), the school, the tea- and coffeehouse, the lavatory, the large relief wall and, of course, Lenin - all waiting for their final destination..

This is the link to the map:

Thanks for your info. I would like to visit the campsite soon. Could you please update your map? The linkis not working any more..

Thank you very much in advance!

actually, these plotbot's pictures still are in Vogelsang???

Thanks in advance....

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