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Excited to finally announce the Abandoned Berlin party/book launch! The book’s the excuse for the party. Even more excited as it’s a collaboration with the good people of Slow Travel Berlin so I know it will be great! They’re actually really launching a book, their anthology of five years’ outstanding work, Stories From The City. I haven’t got my hands on it yet but I can’t wait.
Anyway, the party! It’s Sunday, July 19, at the Urban Spree gallery and beer garden in Friedrichshain. The venue’s really cool, part of the graffiti-decorated RAW-Gelände, former train repair workshops started by the Prussian Eastern Railway in 1867. They had trains going to Danzig (Gdansk) and Königsberg (Kaliningrad, now Russia). Later it was called the “Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk“ (RAW, Reichsbahn Repair Workshop) but they stopped fixing trains after German reunification and now it’s home to places like Cassiopeia, Astra Kulturhaus and Suicide Circus. It’s one of Berlin’s last bastions against the greedy forces of development, though it remains to be seen for how long after it was snapped up for a cool €20 million by Göttingen-based developers in March. They didn’t buy it because they like parties…
But we do and this one will be brilliant! Kick off is around 3pm. I know most people are only getting up then but there’s a lot of fun to be had. There’ll be live music, DJs playing summer sounds, a specially designed pub quiz with real prizes, street food, live painting, photo exhibitions and of course a full bar.
There won’t be any long speeches or anything like that – it’s a party after all – but Slow Travel people and myself will be there if anyone wants to talk to us about the books, life in general or anything at all.
Paul Sullivan of Slow Travel will be DJing too: dub, reggae, mellow grooves. He knows his stuff, wrote a book on dub last year. He has books coming out of his ears. Of course you’ll be able to get them there too, and the Abandoned Berlin book as well if you haven’t got that yet.
It’s going to be chilled and relaxed. No doubt it will remain very civilized before degenerating as the night takes hold into the usual drunkenness, debauchery and people fucking in the toilets. Maybe not. Maybe we’ll hold it together…
As I type I’ve received this message from Paul: “I’m getting the mother of all summer DJ sets together. Soul funk hip hop disco Brazilian afrobeat. There *will* be dancing. And nudity. Even if it’s just us.”
Of course it won’t be just us! Everyone’s invited, everyone! Well, except Merkel, Schäuble, Lagarde or any of that crowd. They’re not invited. But all decent people are. Come and have a great time under the trees and later the stars, bring your friends, make friends of your enemies, bring them too!
This time for once, the fun isn’t verboten.

Click the flyer below for the Facebook event page if you want the world to know you’re going.
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