Teufelsberg artworks: Heavenly creations on Devil’s Mountain

Filed 10/9/2015 | Updated 7/10/2015
No words necessary. Well, OK, a few…
Artists have been leaving their mark on Teufelsberg since the Americans left, but in the last four years more were enticed to the former spy station on the “Devil’s Mountain” by the promise of plenty of lovely walls to paint on, a roof over their heads and an ample supply of Sterni, Schnapps, gin & tonics, wine or whatever other tipples they may have fancied. The evidence of many consumed tipples was scattered around their workshops when I called around last Tuesday.
For the artists, it was a very good deal. They could work in relative peace and quiet without fear of being interrupted by police or nosy neighbors, and it was also a good way for them to meet up and exchange ideas among themselves.
Plotbot Ken, for one, was very appreciate of the arrangement, as he told AB back in May. You’ll see his work among the pictures that follow, and of course some great work from other artists too.
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hi , most of the works above were part of the Berlin Rising art event we curated.
70 artists from around the world came to paint those walls in March 2015.

I saw that Czon from Sweden been there and also saw that he had some installation at teufelsberg, anyone know where ?

hi, its a very good place to go, currently the entrance costs 7EUR.

Hey! Love the post and the pics, thanks to that I check the place and was inspiring. Could I use your pictures? Who should I mention as the owner. Vielen dank!

Depends who wants to use them and what you want to use them for?

Il faut payer 5e pour y rentrer (gratuit pour les moins de 16ans) et ça ouvre a partir de 10am.

Hi there, it was 8 euro yestarday...
Take to Heerstrasse and the only up hill...
Every ways goes to the hill.

I used to work there 82-84. How quickly time goes by. Some amazing art on show. Might have to make a visit.

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