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The book has won an award! It was singled out for praise at the ITB BuchAwards 2016 last Friday, when I was presented with a heavy little trophy with a globe on top of it and a certificate to prove what a wonderful book the ITB jury thought it was.
A woman on stage said some nice things about it. “Beeindruckend” and stuff like that. They gave awards to various books in different categories and Verlassene Orte / Abandoned Berlin won in the Berlin category. So that’s that. It’s nice when people say nice things. Now it’s time to move onto others…
You’ll soon be able to get different books about Berlin as well as fine art prints from the site. They’ll only be top quality, no crap. If you have any particular favorites let me know. I’ve decided to expand the shop a bit beyond the one core product. Yeah, I know, I’m leaving myself open to accusations of capitalism, profiteering, greed and evil. The simple truth is I have rent to pay, a kid to feed and a Späti across the road relying on me for continued support. These awards are nice but you can’t eat flattery.
To repel feelings of guilt, I promise to keep ignoring Betreten Verboten signs and uncovering the stories they try to conceal so they can be enjoyed at leisure by anyone who wants to for free here as always. Nobody has to buy anything. Ever. The only truly useful things are things you cannot buy anyway – time, friendship, love, moments, happiness, watching Bayern Munich suffer…
That’s all the news for now. There’ll be a new post soon. In the meantime you’ll just have to do your own explorin’.
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Congrats. I bought a copy last year at those expensive capitalist pigs of Dussmann, but it was well worth it, even if I know all your posts by heart.
Have a happy Paddy's day.

Nice words, I am aboslutely with you on what you said, especially on Bayern Munich.
Looking forward to more abandoned places in and around Berlin! And congrats on your book!

Yes, please - do less advertising and more exploring :) There are so many nice places in and around Berlin, you haven't showed here. Just contact me for more information. You know who :))))

Great, man! Congrats! To join Capitalism isn´t always tragic, it can actually be subversive: "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." Lenin

Hell to the YEAH, McG! You're so damn humble about it all. C'mon... you're the wikipedia of urbex, take a bow. If you want to expand your product line, I would pay good money for the Abandoned Berlin pop up book AND the scratch and sniff versions. I love the smell of urbex in the morning...


Well done, you must surely be so chuffed, and quite rightly so. It's been such a long time since I've checked this site, I'll be back soon.

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