Verlassene Orte / Abandoned Berlin 2

Filed 12/2/2020 | Updated 15/2/2020
There’s another book on the way. “Verlassene Orte / Abandoned Berlin 2” is being printed at the printers, presumably even as I type.
The publishers – the locally based Be.Bra Verlag in the Kulturbrauerei on Schönhauser Allee – were keen to have another given the success of the first. Over 12,000 copies sold! It’s one of their bestsellers. I can’t believe it either, but there you go. People really seemed to like it. It even won an award at the ITB BuchAwards!
So people were clamoring for more. Luckily there are still more than enough abandoned ruins in and around Berlin for a library of books. For now we shall have to just content ourselves with the second installment in the series of mad stories with photographic proof from happenings in and around Berlin over the last 80 years or so. You wouldn’t believe the shit that happened. But it did.
This installment features the stories of the top secret East German government and Stasi hospitals – where I was caught every time – as well as the photos from inside the decommissioned Rheinsberg nuclear power plant, the murals, statues and other remnants from Jüterbog, Fürstenberg and other Red Army bases, tragic tales of loneliness and desertion, of love lost and commemorated on the River Spree, not to mention the dust-covered vintage cars found in an abandoned Trabi workshop, and many, many more!
Like the first book, it’s in both in German and English, with the texts side by side. The photographs should be understood by readers of either language. That’s the beauty of photographs. You can actually get a sneak preview of the book by clicking this link.
There will be at least two events to launch it – a secret one at Urban Spree with bands and music on April 12 (don’t tell anyone) and the official one at the wonderful Kant Kino – one of the oldest cinemas in Berlin – on April 22.
They’re a long way off, though! The book’s supposed to hit the shops in March, but you can get it directly from Abandoned Berlin headquarters and have it on its way as soon as I can pick them up by Trabi express from the publishers around February 25. Click this link, or the fancy gif doing the rounds in the top right corner of this page. You’d be contributing directly to the author and to the ongoing success of this project. Tell your friends, tell everyone! Well, except the Polizei, probably best not to tell them.
Now that the book-writing, checks and stress of publishing are out of the way, I’ll be able to get back to what I like to do best – exploring. There will be some new posts soon and some further exciting announcements. Stay tuned!
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Congrats Ciaran - keep on milking it and destroying Berlin locations. Glad to have the chance to come tell you in person :) Looking forward!

Thank you, looking forward to it too! I'm happy to talk about all the rampant destruction I've been causing.

Amazing! I got so many great experiences through this blog, I will be proud to have version 2 in my collection next to the first :)

Bellissimo il primo libro....ho avuto occasione di venire spesso a Berlino ultimamente e seguire le tue orme....mi spiace non poter esserci il 22 Aprile (giorno del mio compleanno) e il 12 perchè saranno due eventi fantastici.... a Maggio farò una mostra a Vicenza con molti scatti di Berlino.... adesso ordino la mia copia! Buona fortuna per i tuoi progetti!

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