Any way to get this to open on Google Maps if I'm using a mobile device? Or just something easier than trying to open in my iPhone's Safari?

Not that I know of. We need to wait for Google Maps to update their software. Apparently they're working on it!

If you follow the individual map links in each article, it should switch you straight over to the Google Maps app and give you a specific location. Not ideal, but the best I've figured out thus far

Hello! Thanks for your job, it's really useful! Just wanted to suggest you to write about Abandoned Flughafen Rangsdorf. I was there last year and wrote about it but in Russian :)) It's very interesting place with has historical background. :)

Hey Galina, thanks! I was indeed at Rangsdorf before but it was shortly after my son was born and he began crying like a, well, like a baby. He was a baby so I shouldn't have been surprised. But he made so much noise we got caught and our adventure was cut short. I wrote about it here.
I need to figure out when the guards take their tea-break and go back for a proper look...

Hey! AWESOME site!!!
I'm coming to Berlin next month for an urban exploring trip, wondering if any of you fancied showing me around please?
Not sure on dates but probably towards the back end of sept.

How can we submit a discovery that you dont yet have.

Hey Christiano, you can email explore(at)abandonedberlin(dot)com. All suggestions and tips gratefully received!

Type 'OK maps' in search bar,it will save the area already displayed for offline use :-)

It's sad to announce the demolishing of two Lost Places in Berlin, which have not yet been mentioned in Spudnik's blog: 1st a chemical factory on former Johannisthal airfield - Temmler Werke, later VEB Beropharm, then VEB Berlin-Chemie BT Johannisthal (the german home of Pervitin or Methamphetamin aka Crysta). Here complete removal of all buildings is under progress and shall be finished in spring next year. All wooden buildings - they seemed untouched since GDR times - are already gone. The fences are tight and the area is surrounded by Family houses. 2nd the Municipal Retirement Home of Zehlendorf district. These high quality buildings of the 50s are listed monuments and hopefully remain. Work there has begun last week.
Remains of furniture and fixtures are being eliminated. It is possible to enter the premises at the weekend.

Was there on sunday. Everything is being renovated and there is nothing left to see other than construction work. There is one old chimney that you climb up to the top to get a view of nothing much.
This site isn't worth seeing anymore unfortunately

Does anybody know what is this building in the Neue Grunstrasse in Mitte, close to the Bundesdruckerei? It looks seriously creepy :),13.4052426,3a,75y,115.9h,89.69t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sFUOwKZAI4UTMrQ_HsgR87w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Regarding Google Maps and using it to highlight the places on this site, might I suggest trying the new Lists feature?

I suggest that the author create such a custom list by saving each place to it, then using the 'publish' feature to make it public. Everyone interested in it can 'follow' it. Changes to the list of places are reflected for each follower.

You're the best I've ever seen... and by the way you're not an asshole hungarian (i'm a hungarian) like Gyula Hajner who was always keep his explorations in a secret and don't tell anything...
Keep it that way,Master of Abandoned Places!
Ps:just 2 months and I'm visiting Berlin again... so I like to meet you for a time of beer or some other.Otherwise:could you join me in some urbex tour around Berlin(just the city or the close limits)?I've been just in Cité Foch,Pankow train station and Pankow schwimhalle... could you give me some other,good and neverforget directions?Or join me?
Thanks a lot,sincerely:Daffy from Hungary

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